DiabloWikiBashiok (or someone) must have been bored on the weekend, since @Diablo broke its usual Sabbath silence, and got a few replies on, via iPhone. For some reason, most of these answers needed extra info added, so I broke them up with comments after the choice bits, rather than just throwing them all into the same big quote, as usual.

    And, if you let the witch doctor dual-wield daggers!? that would be awesome!!!—19dgo87
    Currently only the barbarian and monk can dual wield melee, and only the demon hunter can dual wield ranged.—Diablo

    I hope the DH can’t dual-wield two bows. That would be pretty dumb.—Thy_Nemesis

    Not bows, crossbows.—Diablo

    DiabloWikiBarbarians can DiabloWikidual wield damn near all of the one-handed weapons. The DiabloWikiMonk can also dual wield, but only when using two DiabloWikifist weapons. The Demon Hunter can only dual wield, but only with her class-restricted, auto-loading, DiabloWikipistol crossbows. Here’s the question: check out DiabloWikiFrenzied Attacks a DiabloWikiTrait shared (only) by the Barbarian and Monk. It grants them (slightly different) DiabloWikicritical hit bonuses while dual wielding. Might it also be assigned to the Demon Hunter? (It’s fun to guess at the DiabloWikiDemon Hunter traits, since only 5 were present at Blizzcon.)

    I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently, we haven’t seen any new changes on Tyrael’s wings in the main web, any plans?—kromdaral

    Why would we change them?—Diablo

    DiabloWikiTyrael‘s wings changed in the flash animation on the main page of Diablo3.com back in December 2008. Yes, we have before and after pictures at that link, and yes, people still remember this sort of thing unprompted. “Fan” is an abbreviation for “fanatic,” after all.

    I dont want to use one of my 7 skills to grab a mobility skill, will I be gimped,less useful or cant get to hidden treasure if I dont?—illthegreat

    Those are the choices that make builds interesting. You won’t be purposefully gimped if you don’t, though. No.—Diablo

    This has been a topic of forum conversation about the Demon Hunter’s awesome DiabloWikiVault skill since Blizzcon, and based on my Blizzcon play experience I have no hesitation in saying… yes, you’ll be gimped without using the movement skills. Not to the point of having a broken character, but they’ll be mandatory in the DiabloWikiArena, and while some SC players might do without, I can’t imagine a wise HC player going PvE without them.

    I noticed there is no mouse cursors in the DiabloWikiPvP footage from the video released at blizzcon, why is that? is that ingame option—Nielsdue

    When we turn off the UI to capture footage the mouse cursor goes with it.—Diablo

    @Diablo’s answer is correct for the official PvM Gameplay Videos….but the UI was specifically not turned off in the Arena movie! Hop to 5:24 if the link won’t take you directly and you’ll see the Wizard’s DiabloWikiinterface, the resource bulbs, the DiabloWikired target outline on the enemies, etc. So probably the tool they have in the build to take movies just doesn’t show the cursor, same as it’s not shown by most in-game screenshot tools.

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