As seems to happen every other week, Bashiok / @Diablo kicked into gear Friday during our live chat, and delivered unto us some new infos. There were just a couple of tweets, sadly:

    Just read in a translated interview that the ability to tab between 2 skills on Right mouse button has been removed? Can u confirm?—dtantsikian

    No, an alternate second mouse button ability is a bindable option, it’s just not shown in the default UI. For the hardcore!—Diablo

    Will crafted items have the creator’s name attached to it? I want everyone to have Grug brand Maces.—Grug16

    We don’t want to curse people to having items worth less-than-market value because your name is on them, Grug.—Diablo

    The bit about the controls refers to something Secondii told us about the conversation between Diablo3.cc and Jay Wilson at Blizzard’s offices.

    game UI design has been very “stable”, and will not change much. the function of right mouse button can switch between different skills has been removed. my fault.
    correction: the TAB switch between 2 skills on RMB is not shown in the default UI.

    This is weird. It seems that the control function is unchanged; there are still 7 hotkeys you can assign skills to in D3: 1-4, LMB, RMB and Tab. You don’t actually assign a skill to Tab; you assign 2 skills to the right mouse button, and Tab cycles between them (as does the mouse wheel). That’s apparently unchanged; what’s new is that the UI no longer looks like the image below.

    You see the RMB icon, and the Tab icon beside it, at a slightly smaller size. The icons are the same since this is the Arena, and there’s no potion in the 5 slot. (There were no potions available in the Arena demo.) which allows 7 skills to display, with one shown twice on RMB/Tab. But in PvM there are healing potions in the 5 slot, which means you’ll only have… 6 skill icons?

    Skills are set to hotkeys by dragging the icon. So if you wanted to move a skills from 1 and 2 to the RMB/Tab, you’d drag 1 to RMB, hit Tab, and drag 2 to RMB, then Tab to cycle between them. That’s fine, though not showing both skills assigned to the RMB seems a weird choice. Especially coming from the developers who removed the DiabloWikiweapon switch hotkey… because noobs couldn’t figure out how where their weapons had gone when they hit W by accident.

    The real question though, is what happens when a new player, who doesn’t know about the double RMB trick, gets to Clvl 26 and unlocks their 7th skill. They’ll have 7 skills but only 6 hotkeys to assign them to? Are they supposed to play without health potions? I’d guess that a player who didn’t even know how to operate their hotkeys would not be the best person to go without quick potion access.

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