@Diablo tweeted up a curious little poem last night, a few hours before the male Demon Hunter’s appearance.

    Machinations dark by shadows still.
    Farms rot, livestock falls ill.
    Endless march not knowing fear.
    They shall soon as he moves near.

    There’s plenty of debate about it already, with good points in the comment to this post as well, but no consensus conclusions. Many fans are assuming it’s about the male Demon Hunter, because it was posted shortly before he was revealed, but does the text actually support that? Not very well, IMHO. (Which doesn’t mean that it wasn’t *supposed* to be about the male DH.)

    The first couplet sounds like a prophecy of approaching doom; like something pulled from any fantasy novel about a horrible monster moving through the night, wilting vegetation and killing animals by its mere presence. The second couplet suggests an army; wait for their leader and ready to march fearlessly to battle once he gives the command.

    We know there will be a vast demonic army in Diablo III. They marshal on the field around what’s thought to be DiabloWikiArreat Crater before assaulting DiabloWikiBastion’s Keep. But you’d assume the army comes from Hell with their leader(s). Not that they’re waiting for him to arrive. Perhaps the poem refers to the fiery DiabloWikimeteor and the reawakening of evil in DiabloWikiTristram? The bit about an endless fearless march could refer to undead, not to an army, and for all we know something or someone came to Tristram, perhaps rotting farms and killing livestock on the way?

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