Kotaku has posted an item talking up Diablo’s 15th anniversary and pointing out the lack of any commemoration of this sacred date by Blizzard. I saw some similar chatter about this in the forums, but there’s one problem. Diablo’s 15th anniversary was a month ago. Rush posted news at the time, but the wikipedia article date (taken from an interview I conducted for the Diablo Podcast) is incorrect.

    Of more interest is this bit, from the Kotaku article:

    There’s no mention of the anniversary on Blizzard’s site, and it doesn’t look like the company did anything special to celebrate. It might be waiting for the game to turn 20, though you’d imagine with the third title on its way it’d be the perfect reason to promote it. I thought it might do a little something, considering the lengths it goes to for April Fool’s Day.

    They may indeed celebrate something for the 20th, but I don’t think it’s real hard to figure why they didn’t do anything for the 15th, since it’s the same reason they relegated Diablo to about 8 seconds of “we removed the terrible claymation idea” in their 50-minute video celebrating Blizzard’s 20th anniversary. The fact that all of the people intimately involved in the creation of D1 and D2 have long since left the company (many under strained circumstances) is the key issue, but we don’t know how much of Diablo getting shut out stems from spite and bitterness, and how much comes from a lack of memories in a company where 95% of the employees came on post-WoW.

    If you’re wondering how Max Schaefer felt about the Blizzard 20th Anniversary celebrations and the way Diablo was presented in them, you can hear it directly from his mouth in an interview I conducted for the Diablo Podcast in April of last year. The topic was addressed around the 34 minute mark of the show, or you can read it in the transcript.

    Quick finding tip: search for an eight-letter word commonly abbreviated as “BS.”

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