Diablo’s Facebook Artwork: Pretty, Not New

A few readers have pointed out that the Diablo Facebook page has returned to life after a few weeks of inactivity following the disappointing 1m likes milestone, and that new artwork has been going up. It’s artwork, but it’s not new; all of the recent images were sent out during their march to 1m phase back in May.

The updates were coming rapidly then, so you might well have missed one or two. Here are links to the last few ransoms that contained concept art.

You can see all our news posts about the Diablo Facebook updates here. The pics below are newly-added to facebook.com/diablo, and were initially posted in ransom #17.


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3 thoughts on “Diablo’s Facebook Artwork: Pretty, Not New

  1. I thought the spectral warrior looked like some WoW ghost pirate fanart :-\ Nothing about it screamed D3, just my thoughts. I have seen both before and I’m not fussed, it’s just art 🙂

  2. Heh you say disappointing, I say embarrassing, and they probably say that too, as evident from their inactivity. It’s ok, I’d be embarrassed too if I had released crappy old boring material like that for such a “milestone”.

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