Dorjan has worked some more magic on our Diablo 3 Database DiabloNut this week and just a few hours ago finished getting Enchantments working.

    Now when you view an item page the tab marked ‘Enchantments’ will display a list of all available enchantments for that item, what’s needed to apply it and what effects it will have on the item.

    Another new thing is ‘weapon usable by‘ section of each item. Each item will now list on the right hand side of the tool tip which classes and followers are able to use the item.

    Lastly, the sell price of each item can be found bottom left of its tooltip.

    devil tongue



      Enchantments can apply to the following categories of items:

      • Two-Handed
      • One-Handed
      • Wand
      • Legs
      • Gloves
      • Boots
      • Shoulders
      • Bows

      And here’s a map of all the categories of items in the database.

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