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Dorjan has worked some more magic on our Diablo 3 Database DiabloNut this week and just a few hours ago finished getting Enchantments working.

Now when you view an item page the tab marked ‘Enchantments’ will display a list of all available enchantments for that item, what’s needed to apply it and what effects it will have on the item.

Another new thing is ‘weapon usable by‘ section of each item. Each item will now list on the right hand side of the tool tip which classes and followers are able to use the item.

Lastly, the sell price of each item can be found bottom left of its tooltip.

devil tongue



    Enchantments can apply to the following categories of items:

    • Two-Handed
    • One-Handed
    • Wand
    • Legs
    • Gloves
    • Boots
    • Shoulders
    • Bows

    And here’s a map of all the categories of items in the database.

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    1. anyone know what random properties can be and what range these boni have?

    2. i don’t understand why the dps numbers r so big, don’t u want the damage #’s to be the ones that show the most? it messes me up

      • making the dps larger makes for easier and fast comparison between weapons

      • Umm not really as most of the time its the DPS of the weapon is what matters not the base damage. Base damage only wins when it a long cooldown skill that weapon speed independent (but even then the lower damage higher DPS version will likely do more damage per unit time).

    3. Awesome work on the database, congrats!

    4. Very cool.

      I thought templars could only use spears?

      Also, are these gold values accurate or placeholders? I know it’s still beta, etc., but when people in the beta can grab triple gold drops from goldfind in act 1 normal, don’t you think a legendary sword should be worth a little more than 9k, considering just upgrading your stash is upwards of 100k?

    5. So, I’m wondering (and this might be an old and answered question), but is +Random Properties always from the same random pool, or are there tiers?  For example, taking one of the best weapons in the game, will that have a higher chance at better random properties (understanding that there could well be fixed properties present), or is it really just luck of the draw from the same giant pool?

    6. Elly, you missed bows in the types of enchantments.
      I also noticed there’s an enchantment that gives discipline on 2H melee weapons – but the DH can’t use any 2H melee weapons, at least as currently shown. Hopefully they’ll be letting them use some, swords and staves at the very least.

    7. Good work so far guys! Thanks for putting in so much effort!

    8. Elly, Dorjan, all others – thanks for this resource.  Excellent work.  I’m loving it and I browse daily to get used to the gear as a non-beta guy.  Keep it up and DiabloNut will be to Diablo III as Wowhead is to World of Warcraft (ad revenue!).

    9. Hey, theres a few things i dont seem to understand:

      1. The professional russian wands appear on this site to be low lvl wiz wands, yet they dont appear on the official d3. how come?
      2. According to your guide the required lvls for the presumably best wands are 61, 62 63. I thought the lvl cap were 60? Its pretty obvious blizz will be expanding the lvl cap in the expansion(s) to come, but then why publish the +60 items now?

      someone plz help me out! 🙂 

      and good job!!!

      • DN pulls the stats from the beta client, which is still a work in progress. So there are things (like class requirements on items) and level reqs and such that aren’t all organized yet. The game devs kind of make everything work with everything in the code, and then put limiters and other modifiers on it, and a lot of things (like uniques) are hand designed and break normal rules or classifications.

        Hypothetical: Say a unique pulls a modifier that adds 30-45 lightning res, which is usually clvl 24 req. The devs might set that unique to clvl 18 req though, and they’d have to turn off the normal level req from that one mod, So a DB program like DiabloNut (at this work in progress stage) would list the wrong clvl req based on that one mod.

        All this stuff in the DB will be fixed in the final game, at any rate.

      • As Flux says it a work in progress all these high lvls shows is that Blizzard has implemented an in game item level generator but haven’t added in the 60 max level limit and manually entered a level for those items if they are to be non lvl 60 items.

        • iLevel != rLevel.

          Required level is the Character level. Item level is just the internal judgemment for the worth of it. Most levels “best” items are +3 levels (ish) so when you hit 60, it’s 63!

          So, since item levels are generated I assume they go up to a higher amount to account for this “range”.

          I hope that helps!

    10. hey, plz some expert just say “yes” or “no” if we know the possible random properties yet. would you post them in the news if you’r able to dig them up? plz do

      • yes we do! 🙂

        Soon, keep watching! We’ve got a long list of things we want to do, and the next big release is tomorrow. What you’re asking is most likely next week.

        I hope that helps!

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