DiabloNut Patch #7 Updates and RMAH Fees

DiabloNut.comIt’s patch day so we figured you would be wanting to check out any changes to the data in this update. The DiabloNut.com hamsters got to work and have come off their treadmills to report that there are no data changes in this patch. There were simple a couple of changes to Auction House files related to the transaction fees which have been removed for the purpose of testing.

Previously the files would read 10% of price  for the transaction fee and 15% of the final price for the posting fee.  Blizzard has added a ‘No Listing Fee’ and ‘No Transaction Fee’ to the files. However it does look like they have changed the files so that at any point this % fee can be changed on the fly by adding ‘Transaction Fee: {x} of final price’ and ‘Listing Fee: {x} of final price’. Perhaps Blizzard will be offering discounts on transaction fees on special occasions, very much like Ebay do.

As this is effectively an auction house patch, keep an eye on Diablo3Markets.com where Azzure will be keeping everyone up to date with the financial side of this test.

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    3 thoughts on “DiabloNut Patch #7 Updates and RMAH Fees

    1. Afaik there is still a %fee on gold auctions and it was always planned to have only a flat fee for the RMAH.

      • Yeah, before hand the had it hard-coded at 10% and 15% but now they’ve given the option to move it. This is just speculation based on the very few changes in this patch.

    2. So are bid’s Buy Out only? Or can you create a duration of time that it exists on the AH for lets say.. 8 hours for a Windforce, causing players to bid higher then one another until the duration expires?

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