Now with added stats

    As we head toward lauch we have been preparing the DiabloNut.com Diablo 3 database for the flood of data. Today we have added and sorted out quite a few things including:

    The Hero Planner:

    • Weapon stats are now displayed per hand, this includes a breakdown of elemental damage.
    • Some stats that aren’t in use are now hidden.
    • Damage Calculations have been reworked from the ground up to handle elemental affixes correctly.
    • Certain affixes weren’t showing correctly (MinMax in rings), these have all been fixed.

    On the database:

    • The item database has been corrected for all stat faults introduced in patch 18 (Including offhand items such as quivers, mojos and orbs now display their stats)
    • Added a new Bestiary section for you have a look around. We have lore mentions and profile pics where found and also a list of the basic skills the mobs/NPCs can use.

    We’ll be continuing to polish things up for release and thanks to all the testers that have been helping out over the past few days.

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