DiabloNut Hero Planner Updates

DiabloNut.comIt’s been a busy day on the DiabloNut.com Hero Planner thanks to all your awesome feedback. Rushster and I wanted to give you a run-down on the fixes put in place today that are now live on the planner.

UPDATE: A speed patch was applied during the hours of 15:30 and 16:30 GMT. Please let us know in the comments below if the planner feels faster. Sorry for everyone who lost their builds during this update but I hope the speed increase more than makes up for it!

  • Some users couldn’t use the planner when not logged in, this has now been fixed. If you’re still getting a problem please let me know.
  • Tooltips are now working in Internet Explorer.
  • Planner is now working in Internet Explorer. If you are still getting issues with Internet explorer, please let me know what version and what the problem is.
  • Armor calculation was a little high and has now been fixed.
  • Crafted items are now showing the damage values.
  • Affixes now ordered on the item pages and in the planner search results.
  • Monks can now select off-hand weapons.
  • Quivers, Orbs and Mojos are now adding the base stats of the build
  • Choosing spears from the top navigation gave you every single-handed weapon, this has now been resolved.
  • Damage Calculations now include all bonuses.
  • Improved graphics on the interface in a few places.
  • Added quick links to all your favourite social networking sites so you can share your builds easily!

Please keep reports coming, a speed patch will come soon but any crippling speed losses on certain actions should still be reported! Many thanks to every beta tester, every one of you has helped by just using the tool! Keep testing and adding feedback. There is more to come!

  • Create your Diablo 3 Hero now!
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    25 thoughts on “DiabloNut Hero Planner Updates

    1. Are the calculations for ratings based on naked character stats correct? IE, a wizard starting with no gear has X% increased damage due to intelligence. I think these numbers are off?

      • Every class has a primary attribute, and every primary attribute gives bonus damage 🙂

        • Yes but it is also based on a rating system, not a flat bonus that doesn’t change.
          Edit: no, you’re right, that really is how it works for the damage modifier. I checked within the game and all of the other numbers (res, dodge, etc) look correct as well so good job. >.>

    2. Please also note that the Orbs/mojos and quivers aren’t showing their stats on the tooltip but be assured they’re adding them to the build.

    3. Can’t get the Hero builder to work properly. All characters are displaying Barb skills, can only place one skill at a time, can’t add Runes to skills, etc.

      Edit: Nevermind, logging in fixed it…still an odd problem for those not logged in.

    4. Seems to work ok but its real slow !!  like 10-20 seconds to select and item.

      to slow to be usable. 

      • I’m using Chrome and I can confirm this.
        Tried to make a fully loaded character but gave up after 10 minutes because everything takes so long.

        I also think the menu for adding item affixes should be totally redesigned as it is not very user friendly. 

    5. I think it would be a far better experience if you just loaded all the Skills/Runes/Items/Affixes once and used client-side filtering, instead of AJAX-ing everytime I try to do anything. Also makes it easy to cache!

      Backbone.js is pretty neat for that sort of thing, but there’s obviously plenty of other client side MVC framworks out there.

      ‘Tis what I planned to do when I was considering building a character planner, but alas, not enough time ;(

      Somewhat relevant: I built http://leagueofstats.com

    6. It is really true that monk spirit stones are all no-affix items with lower armor than the equivalent level generic helm? That seems odd. Would anybody ever use spirit stones if that were the case? 

      Also. if you dual wield as a monk (I tried a pair of fist weapons) and have The Guardian’s Path passive, your monk’s dodge should increase by 15% but doesn’t.

      • Dodge is applied multiplicatively. So if you already had 50% to dodge, and then factored in guardian’s path, you’d only gain 7.5%, not 15%, bring you to 67.5% chance to dodge.

        Spirit stones can have affixes on them, but they are slightly lower armor because they’re between helmets, if that makes sense. A chain helm will drop, and then a plate helm, but between that time period, a certain spirit stone will have a chance to drop that, in terms of quality, is between chain and plate. 

        • Thanks, Ris. What I should have said about the dodge (to be clear) is that if you dual wield as a monk and have The Guardian’s Path passive, there should be an increase and there isn’t (as in, your dodge rating doesn’t change… or at least it doesn’t for me).

    7. i still think that blizzard underestimates the lack of affixes for specialisation.   i  mean there are no items which e.g. increase the frost damage of spells. from my point of view, don’t know if its yours too, it sucks that i just have different gear for MF vitality and damage. i miss the fact that i  dont seem to have a frost damage gear, fire damage gear, arcane stuff and so on. its just all very WoW like with one allround gear.
      i just cant see anything else from the affixes but i dont know if they are final.
      hope its different.

      • Actaully there are these type of mods!
        They’re just not assigned to anything right now…

    8. “If you are still getting issues with Internet explorer, please let me know what version and what the problem is.”

      should read ->

      If you are still using Internet Explorer, why?

      • Thank you neborya. We’re working on these issues and the speed issue throughout today!

    9. When I select the Wizard to make a build, it shows all the Demon Hunter skills.

      Update: Now working. Might have been a refresh issue. I started at the Barb and worked by way down to Wizard and it displayed correctly.

    10. I just tried to use this building a monk.  Using Chrome.  I can only select one skill at a time.  Then I try to equip an item, I get the list of items, but when I select one it just goes to an endless progress bar.

      I’m not logged in. 

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