DiabloNut Hero Planner Stats and Hero Upgrade


More action on the DiabloNut DB  Hero Planner today as you can now search for builds using our new Hero search. Note your plan won’t show up if you don’t name them, so if you want people to be able to find your build, you must name it! Soon you’ll be able to make the builds private or public as I understand sometimes you want your super duper build kept secret!

Heroes are also now judged by popularity and by rating. So if you see a build you like, click the Recommend button and they’ll head to the top of the lists!

Regarding the actual planner, the following stats have been added to the calculator:

  • Holy Resistance
  • Elite Damage Reduction
  • Damage Reduction To Health
  • Physical Reduction
  • Cold Reduction
  • Fire Reduction
  • Lightning Reduction
  • Poison Reduction
  • Arcane Reduction
  • Holy Reduction
Bug fixes
  • One bug fixed with the Damage calculation caused by the engine when handling large numbers.
  • Stat screen enlarged… again.

Massive thanks to every single beta tester but a special mention to my Super Testers Mn_Swe2 and Starrise who have gone beyond the call of duty with helping this community tool!

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    11 thoughts on “DiabloNut Hero Planner Stats and Hero Upgrade

    1. Would like to see some changes to the stat selection. For example selecting the type first and then the possible values. I don’t bother using it just because selecting the stats takes forever.

      • Totally agree, the super testers have already starting think tanking what to do 🙂

    2. Nope, but it will be news while it is being developed further to keep everyone up to date on this awesome tool.

      You are not seriously complaining? Are we not giving you enough content every day or something?

      • Even if you don’t have an update you should make a news item just to piss off ungrateful pricks like Sangdrax. Why people like him don’t stay on battlenet I’ll never know.

    3. I still cannot see anything in the “Add affixes” tab.  It just keeps loading and loading.

      It’s the same behavior on two different machines with all available browsers.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Open Hero planner
      2. Select Witch Doctor as class
      3. Click on left “Hand”
      4. Select “Apprentice Hide Gloves”
      –> Add Affixes overlay opens, loading bar is displayed
      –> nothing happens after that

    4. Can you contact me on the forum I cannot re-create this error on any browser with the steps above.

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