DiabloNut EHP Calculator Live

Today we have launched the latest tool in the DiabloNut Diablo 3 database, it’s the EHP calculator.

So what is EHP?  EHP, or Effective Hit Points, or Effective Health Pool, shows you how you benefit from the statistics attached to your items and skills. Simply, how much damage can you receive before you die.

The calculator lets you punch in the stats of your character, find mob levels from the database, allows you to check your item stats, then works its magic. If you are logged in to DiabloNut you can also save your calculations in your profile page.

If you find any issues, then please let us know in the DiabloNut support forum and we’ll hop on it.

Any suggestions about the calculator put them in the comments below and Dorjan will get back to you.

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    13 thoughts on “DiabloNut EHP Calculator Live

    1. Am I interpreting this wrong or shouldn’t it have Shadow Power + Gloom as a EHP Buff for Demon Hunter?

    2. “Demon Hunters have no skills that give EHP”

      I think Shadow Power : Gloom should be included.

    3. Thanks, I love the format of this thing.

      Any way to add in effects from modifiers like life on hit, life steal, health globe bonus, etc? For some builds those mods amount to more EHP than anything else…

      • The calculators look very different to me Tesla, I honestly can’t get that site to work :\

        I can’t say exactly why they differ unless I have your link from both their and ours!

        • I have no problems loading that site under Safari for iphone ios 5.0 or firefox.

          Try entering the same values in both calculators, both ehp values (the one without dodge on your site) should be = ?

          Sorry if i sounded offensive wasnt my intention, simple curiosity.
          BTW, a weapon comparer to have on the mobile would be awesome too when navigating the ah. 😛

          • No no, it didn’t! It was just a wide statement hehe. I’ll have to play with it and see why it’s different though! Thanks for the link 🙂

    4. It’ll be great once we can import our “armory profile” from the blizzard site 😛

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