A quick update for everyone that the DiabloNut.com database has been updated to the latest patch v1.0.3 and the affixes tables have also been updated to reflect the changes. It’s a day later than planned as we have made some fundamental changes to the back-end.

    There has also been a few upgrades to the Hero Planner this week with some interface tweakage to help with adding items, especially blue items which now no longer need to be generated from base items, the system will do the majority of the work for you once you tap in the name in the search such as Vampiric Adze of Grace, you can then add any additional affixes should you desire. This system also applies to all the site searches now for blue items making your life a lot simpler 🙂

    If you have any questions or feedback then don’t forget to post your feed back in the support forum.

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