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    Our DiabloNut Diablo 3 database has now received massive upgrades and improvements following the launch of Reaper of Souls. The new features on DiabloNut 2.0 are really worth checking out.

    My favorite is the sortable and searchable item database. You can use the tools to search by item type or by name, and see tens of thousands of real items equipped by players on the realms right now.

    I linked to the 841 sortable Puzzle Rings in a news post last week, and you can do that with every legendary and set item in the game. (You can do it with rares also, though obviously their randomized names won’t cooperate so much with a name search. Unless you want to make a “Flux” suit, like Mortalo in our EU HC clan.) Want to see every Torment-only legendary helm in the game, with hundreds of examples of each in use?

    View from the IK helm page.

    IK Helms sorted by everything.

    For instance, there are 245 Immortal King’s Triumph helms in being used by characters in the database right now, and on that page you can see a summary of the affixes on every single one of them. Strength is only all 245/245 of them. Critical hit chance is on 223/245 of them. Life % is on 174/245. Resistance to All is on 12/245 of them. Every affix is listed, including the bonuses from gems. You can even see the class usage breakdown.

    • Barbarian — 91.43% — 224/245
    • Crusader — 8.16% — 20/245
    • Demon Hunter — 0.41% — 1/245

    Why one DH? Well, looks like it’s some old 60 that hasn’t not been played yet in RoS. Also note that the database will only track level 70s.

    Looking at character accounts is fun and easy (and nosy), since you can click the Data Sources tab to view every single one of an item on the character who has it equipped. The second IK helm on the page is a nice one with the 4 set piece bonus active, so I clicked to the owner’s account, and here’s that Barbarian. Making good use of that Ring of Grandeur, isn’t he? IK, BK, and Aughild’s all incorporated.

    Another cool feature is the Gems usage page, which shows which class and type of gem, and in which slot, are being used by all the characters in the database. For instance, here’s the use rate for Royal and Flawless Royal DiabloWikiamethysts. These aren’t the most common of gems, but there are interesting usage patterns in the characters selected by the database. Not a lot of Life per Hit sockets, but those who do are almost entirely Monks and Crusaders… and yet hardly any Crusaders go for Vit or Life% from Amethysts.



    I also enjoy the Popular ranking. Click that link, choose the Items tab, pick a class, and then select any item slot to see which items are the most used by that class. For instance, Witch Doctor slots such as Boots shows you the top ten most used items in that slot.

    Life is a popularity contest.

    Life is a popularity contest.

    • Zunimassa’s Trail — Seen 262 times
    • Cain’s Travelers — Seen 167 times
    • Fire Walkers — Seen 162 times
    • Blackthorne’s Spurs — Seen 136 times
    • Irontoe Mudsputters — Seen 128 times
    • Jade Harvester’s Swiftness — Seen 123 times
    • Boj Anglers — Seen 101 times
    • Ice Climbers — Seen 76 times
    • Asheara’s Finders — Seen 72 times
    • Helltooth Greaves — Seen 55 times

    I didn’t paste in all the links here, but on the NUT page you can see every single one of those items, and the item history on the character using them. Item history tracks your gear changes over time, making it a handy tool to check back and see what item you were using last week, or last month. (Once the DB populates; it’s just getting started now.)

    So you click to Zuni’s boots and find there are 355 of them on characters in the DB, and besides the 262 on WDs, there are Wizard: 81, Demon Hunter: 6, Monk: 2, Barbarian: 2, and Crusader: 1. Why is a Crusader using Zuni’s boots? Good question. His item history page is here, and there’s a link to the Blizzard armory page as well. It’s a lvl 70 Crusader using an old pair of lvl 60 Zuni’s, and they do not have STR on them, and look pretty easily replaced or upgraded, to me.

    This example wandered afield, but that’s the whole point of this tool. It’s just fun to browse items and see what people are using, what classes value most, what the best items are, etc. Check the new DiabloNut v2.0 Diablo 3 Database out and if you’ve got questions or comments or feature requests, hit them in comments. We’re open to further ideas and suggestions from whole Diablo 3 community.

    To participate and contribute all you need to do is add your BattleTag.

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