We got your back

    I’ve been very, very busy smoothing things out inside the great wheelhouse that is the DiabloNut datsbase. I’ve changed the straw and put a new water bottle up and I’m happy to say the hamsters are doing just fine.

    I have been busy reworking a lot of the site, specifically items as far as accuracy is concerned and in the process also reworked crafting and completely overhauled Blacksmithing. As you may or may not know, DiabloNut runs completely from the live game files so it is always up to date with what people are actually seeing in-game (so it will differ from Blizzard’s site which is not updated). I have been making sure that the stats you see match the live game files for each patch release and the site is up to date with Patch 11.

    The navigation has been vastly improved in most areas including customising your search results. An example would be all craftable armours showing Craft Level, Cost, Materials and Affixes and Crafter. It’s fully customisable so go ahead and play with it! Tell me if there is something you want to see or do which you can’t and I’ll see what I can do about it. You can also select what data you want to come back in the result tables.

    We have also reworked the tooltips to fit the plethora of stats on items and also so they match what you see in-game. Don’t forget if you have a site or a forum you can easily add the DiabloNut tooltips to your pages.

    With this latest update we have reached an important stage in the site’s progress and you’ll be seeing new bits and pieces crop up which I will let you know about as they go live.

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