Since the Beta launched we have been busy on all sorts of site features on the site and one of those which we are launching today is DiabloNut.com.

    Dorjan has knuckled down and dug deep into the game files to bring you our full database. Unlike some Diablo 3 databases, the data is directly datamined from the game client so you can always be sure that the data on the site is up to date with what you are playing.  As the weeks roll on we’ll be adding more features to the site as Blizzard will be changing the Beta data files as the game is patched leading up to release.

    There has been quite a few changes in this latest patch #5 update for the Beta client. There has been updates to the Blacksmith Recipes as well as the Sets Items where there are new additions, some of which are obviously temporary for now. There was also the addition of the crafting material conversions which are also in the Database, and more.

    Note also that Blizzard are working on their Legendary items which means the affixes are not currently in the data but the legendary items are still listed with any changes in the database.

    This is the first phase for DiabloNut and tons of features and additions will be added in the coming days and weeks.

    Update Check this news post for the latest upgrades to DiabloNut.

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