DiabloNut.com Goes Patch 15 & Affixes Update


A note to everyone that Diablo 3 database on DiabloNut.com is now patch 15 enabled. We took a little longer with this update while we made some fundamental changes to the back-end of the site.

Also new in this update is the affix display. On every item on the site there is a new “Affixes” tab which shows you all the affixes that can appear on each individual item and they are also broken down by type. See example on the Leather Hood and the image below.

Now that this has been completed we are continuing to work on other areas which we will keep you up to date with in future updates. Oh and before I forget, we also updated the tooltip code for speedier tooltips which anyone  can add to their site.

If you have any feedback for us then please post it in the DiabloNut support forum (patched!).

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  1. Woot! First comment again, I never know what to say.  😀

  2. Well hello would suffice 😉

  3. Does the data base have the possible affixes and their respective ranges for crafted items?

  4. if you go to 
    h t t p : //diablonut.incgamers.com/tools 
    and mouse hover over the example for 
    Apprentice Brigandine Coat 
    you’ll see it broken 

  5.  Looking at level 60 spirit stone for monk, and highest Cyclone strike effect reduces spirit cost by 2-3 spirit. It just looks completely useless 😛

    Also anyone knows, here affixes for Spirit Stone are only those under the title “Spirit Stone (SpiritStonbe_Monk), or under the “Helm” and “Armor” as well. Because it only first, then it’s very little variety.

  6. Didn’t Jay or Bashiok say, that an affix can spawn only once on an item? I think they did, so no 36% IAS on belts.
    A secondary affix means only that it’s weaker than a primary one. They’re still the same affix. Basically what that list tells us is that belts can come with higher IAS than what can spawn on all armors.

    EDIT: Meant to reply to Kblavkalash. Reply fail.

  7. So I am clear and reading the chart correctly (thanks BTW, that stuff is useful and really cool, gj!) the leather hood example could in theory spawn:

    Leather Hood has a max of 2 “magical” properties so it could be: Scouting Leather Hood of the Tower and that item could socketed to boot or no socket because it counts as one of the 2 magical properties?

    Thanks and keep up the great work on the database.  I know I am going to be studying that like the ACTs come 5/15! 

    • Good question about sockets. I think sockets not added by the Blacksmith or Mystic or whoever will count as affixes, so they’ll take up affix slots. We’ll see.

    • Honestly, I’m not sure about the max magical properties now. It’s defiantly what the crafter versions of the items get, but as for the regular affixes, I’m not 100% sure anymore.

  8. Is there a way to know what affixes can actually spawn in the beta? Like alvl or something? thanks

    • the affixes listed on the items are already the ones possible for the item… so I’m not sure what you’re asking.

      There are a few which can only be gotten by certain creature types (they seem to have an effect on the drop type, I’m not sure).

      • Probably i’m missing something, but when i search for the item “sabre” the list of the affixes includes a +MF one.
        I’ve never seen a weapon with MF in beta, so i’m assuming that some affixes can spawn only if the mob that drops the item meets some lvl requirement like in D2. 

  9. This is FANTASTIC! A list of affixes that can appear is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. Thanks guys!!

    • and this is why I made a mistake on the other article >.< I wrote it whist taking a few pills to shake off an illness to finish this patch xD

  10. The req level to wear crafted items (and possibly other items) are understated. 

    It seems that items in Beta patch 15 that actually have level reqs between 4-11 are shown in the database as requiring 1 less level.

    Eg. http://diablonut.incgamers.com/item/apprentice-coif actually requires level 10 in the Beta, not 9.

    Items that have level reqs greater than 12 are shown in the database as requiring 2 less levels.

    Eg http://diablonut.incgamers.com/item/journeyman-spade requires level 15 not 13.

    Another way to say the same thing is any crafted item in the database that shows a level req between 1-10 is actually 1 level short. Any item that shows level 11 or more is 2 levels short.

    • Checking this out now. Blizzard moved a lot of the level pointers around and added a new one this patch, so I might be referencing the wrong one now!

      edit: yep, seems that you’re right. They moved it! Swines 😛 There’s other values in there which are definitely levels, prob the requirements from mobs or something. I’ll fix that up for you, I need a new title for the forum “diablonut helper” for you 😛

      • Peer editing is a lot of what I do at work. At least here I get to work on something I enjoy! 🙂 Good job with the quick fixes, and keep up the excellent work!

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