DiabloNut.com Diablo 3 Database Upgrades to Retail


Sorry for the delay but the amount of data needing to be imported overloaded the tiny old computer I own and it kept falling over. That’s all been fixed though so expect future updates much quicker!

All the legendaries, crafted, debug, secret and more are all in the DiabloNut.com database now, so go hunting if you feel like it.  I have listed some of my favourite “secret items” after the break.

Also, soon I’ll have another article about the way items work in Diablo 3 so you can understand the difference between a Legendary, Magical, Crafted, Set and Rare items so watch out for that. Until then here’s a quick list of known issues with the Hero Planner

Known issues:

  • I don’t believe sets and legendaries will add their full effect to them but that won’t stop you trying 😛  Needless to say we will have that updated shortly.
  • One or two affixes aren’t shown in the damage calucations for the weapon tooltips but I’m in the middle of re-designing the tooltips to not suck as much.

Feedback about the way DiabloNut looks has also been heard, I will be making upgrades to the navigation over the coming days to make the experience on Nut the best it can be. This will include a better  search engine. More options for filtering (yes including on the planner) etc.

Keep the feedback coming and remember, DiabloNut needs Diablo Nutters to make it the best community driven database, because we all know that all the beautiful people use it.

I have selected a few of the best secret items which are either secret, or undroppable and you can find them after the break :

Spectrum This fantastical blade is the physical manifestation of unicorn smiles, bright rainbow colors, shooting star wishes and teddy bear giggles… and it blinds on hitting! Truly the best item in the game.

A classic Griswolds Worn Edge.

A test item used to strech the limit of the engine Professional Russian’s Fast Wand

Removed from patch 5 but still in the game I re-introduce Rakanishu’s Blade!

As most know… the butcher is back!

We all know who this is homage too…

And to show off a weapon set, we have Shenlong’s Defence.

Last but not least… we’ve all wanted to walk the life of Cain… or at least spend a day in his shoes..


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  1. I actually got both Griswolds Worn Edge and Rakanishu’s Blade as drops. They’re blue items now, but they’re rockin’ at the level. They also have the same stats.

  2. Any tips as to were I can look to farm Rakanishu’s Blade?

    • It’s dropped by some fallen in a raised little area in the Oasis in late Act 2.  You might also get the Bashiok fallen shaman there, though I did not in my one game there thus far.


  3. @Dorjan is there any plans of making the hero planner into an iOS/Android app? That would be awesome since there’s been no mention if Blizzard will be making there own official app. thanks for all the hard work I’ve played around with it but haven’t saved any builds as of yet looks like a lot of hard work went into it. 😀

  4. Heh.  I got Griswold’s Worn Edge at Griswold’s shop, no kidding.  Made me laugh out loud with pleasure!

  5. Not sure you read this, but you still have to be logged in for this tool to work.  Logged out it bombs all over the place.

    • I read it, no one has stepped forward for debugging who can re-create this issue. I’ve called out for someone to be able to post in the forum, and to be able to skype with me to resolve it. Unfortuntaly because I cannot re-create this error, at all, in none of the 5 browsers, on 4 different PCs I cannot solve it.
      So please, be the one to fix this error!

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