Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Westmarch Bestiary

Blizzard have updated the official site with a peek into some of the foes that will be prowling the streets of DiabloWikiWestmarch.

Following the defeat of the Prime Evil, the mortal realm of Sanctuary should have an entered an age of hope and prosperity. Instead, this event has drawn out a being of immense power, one more sinister than any demon: Malthael.

Having plucked the Black Soulstone from its tenuous hiding place, the Angel of Death now moves on Westmarch, the great martial and mercantile capital of the west. It is there that your heroes will encounter the first of his forces, a macabre combination of ghastly lieutenants and baleful constructs.

Little is known of these creatures, as most who have encountered them have perished. Fortunately, a Horadrim under the command of Tyrael by the name of Lorath Nahr has experienced the foul reapers of Westmarch first-hand and survived to tell the tale, documenting both their behavior and perceived origin.

It is some of his accounts which we’ll examine today, offering just a glimpse at what horrors await you within the cobbled streets and abandoned homes of this once beautiful, thriving city.

death-maidenDeath Maiden

“After Malthael’s disappearance, the Angiris Council appointed his most loyal servant, Urzael, to find him and bring him back to the High Heavens.

Urzael, accompanied by the sect of maidens who were Malthael’s closest followers, set out to find their absent master. They never returned.”

The rest of the horrors lay in wait after the break.


“These monsters were once the most notorious and reviled criminals in Westmarch, drawn up from the deepest, darkest cells of the city’s prisons. Each was worse than the last: heartless murders who had butchered countless men, women, and children. In death, Malthael birthed them in forms that matched their twisted, callous souls, creating perfect instruments of slaughter. The executioners have earned their name.”


“All know the reputation of the exorcists of Westmarch, those spiritual warriors specialized in removing demonic possession. By custom, they arrive in darkness, clad in cloaks as black as the night that conjured them. They work in secret, extracting the demons that dwell within their subjects. Now Malthael has turned them, and they roam the city in their inhuman forms, stripping the souls from all they encounter.”

ghostly-seraphGhastly Seraph

“The seraph was on me before I knew it, the mass of its bloated flesh soundless as it floated above the ground. When I finally noticed it, I could not move: it was as though I was trapped in a waking nightmare. I looked down and saw tendrils of energy wrapped around my feet and realized it was not fear that held me, but the seraph’s magic.”

revenant-archerRevenant Archer

“As Malthael has imbued them with the ability to sense the living, revenant archers do not rely on their vision to find their targets. There is no place safe from their sightless gaze. They will find you through stone, wood, and even the ground itself. And once they have their quarry, they do not miss.”

revenant-shield-guardRevenant Shield Guard

“The revenant shield guards were once the personal guard of King Justinian IV. Appointed to the position for bravery and skill at arms, they accompanied the king at all times, resplendent in their ornate armor, wrought by the finest craftsmen in Westmarch. But most spectacular were their shields, which they unerringly employed in the protection of their king.”

revenant-soldierRevenant Soldier

“I watched in horror as the guard was struck by the maiden’s magic. I heard the sound of his screams until his flesh had dissolved to nothing, and only his armor-clad skeleton remained, his jaw unhinged. Blue mist swirled around his bones, coalescing into new flesh. When at last I cut him down, the phantasmal flesh exploded, leaving only a pile of armor behind.”

shadow-of-deathShadow of Death

“The shadow touched me, and darkness spread across my vision until all I could see was blackness. It gave way to a pale light that sapped my strength. It seemed so easy, but instead, I drew upon the last of my will and fought back. Color flooded back into my sight. The shadow was right before me, and I drove my spear through it.”

summoner-of-the-deadSummoner of the Dead

“When I first came face to face with a summoner of the dead, it was surrounded by reapers and brought forth more by the moment. I cut a path through them, but for each that I struck down, another appeared in its place. Their numbers seemed limitless; however, when I killed the summoner, the remaining reapers fell to ash.”

war-beastWar Beast

“Malthael’s influence taints man and beast alike. Even the dogs of Westmarch, once tame and gentle, have been transformed into wild, savage creatures. They hunt in packs through the streets, tearing apart their prey with ravenous hunger. I saw them rip a soldier limb from limb. When his screams stopped, they came for me.”

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  1. Wow, that is one hell of a dog, that war beast!
    Looks quite interesting 🙂

    Hopefully we get to see some of them in the gameplay vids or demo’s soon!

  2. Hmm, hopefully all the new monsters won’t be blue & grey….

    Note to Blizz monster designers: D3 needs more ranged/special attackers and less rush-into-your-face melee attackers.

  3. The Ghastly Seraph is probably my favorite out of the bunch. So weird and unexpected-looking.
    I’d love to read how the artist arrived at that design.

  4. who writes this drivel…they all seem like something an elementary school kid would write next to a stick figure in his note book.

  5. I’m lovin it! Reminiscent of Clive Barker… Of course, even many of the monster designs in D3V are appropriately ugly and horrible, the problem is zoomed out with the camera above you, most of the effect is lost. I don’t know how they could get around that.

  6. Not bad. Hope they, in their normal trash state, are as weird and dangerous as Act IV critters. You actually have to play the game in Act IV, most of the time. Wonder if they’re cooking up new monster affixes, as well.

  7. QUOTE

    Wonder if they're cooking up new monster affixes, as well.

    They did, there’s 3-4 new ones from data mine.

    I’m loving the looks of the new monsters, compared to the failure and disappointment from the new mobs in LOD, this is really good. I love how they the monsters are white skin, I loved how the Armdaddon looked in Act 4 and now that they added more of such monsters, nice!

    Executioner, Ghastly Seraph, Exorcist and Summoner are gonna rape of asses!

  8. I hope there is also an angel called Mishrael…

  9. I look forward to get my soul harvested by the Death Maiden 🙂

  10. I think they look so clean and polished. Almost friendly.. I wish they would make them more grotesque or something. More blood and gore, so that when you play, you would almost feel like you could smell the pest and rot that they carry with them. For me, a creature/demon (or some evil being)in Diablo, is something that should want to kill you in the most horrible way, and then it is only natural that they should look that way too.

  11. What saddle? These are shouler pads 😉

  12. If you look closer, the Revenant Archer actually resembles Jay Wilson!

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