Diabloii.Net Site Tech Updates and Other Stuff

This is a quick heads-up that next week we plan on making a few site changes and upgrades next week which may or may not impact viewing Diabloii.Net. Also, a quick note about some changes.

Next week I plan on kicking off a pretty major upgrade to the forums which may involve some weirdness appearing. As the forum is tied to the logins on the main site too, it may impact comment posting as the bridge is also being updated. Fingers crossed it will go smoothly but I can’t guarantee it 🙂 It may mean some changes on how you login so you can always let us know what you would prefer. For example, is logging in via social media important? Would prefer to use a Battle.Net account? Would you prefer a Diabloii.Net account that allows you to comment in the forums and the site? There are a lot of possibilities.

For the past few weeks, I have been working on a few things on the site here but also DiabloWiki. Some of you may have noticed the upgrade to editing on the wiki, which was long overdue, is now live. You can now use the visual editor directly on the page which means there’s less messing about with wiki code which I know can be a pain for some.

We are also looking ahead to 2018, which will be our 21st year of existence, and one thing we need is more updaters. I would love some more of the community to come onboard and help with news posting etc. The more eyes we have on news and Diablo/Blizzard developments the better. We’ve always been pretty solid and impartial on news and we want to keep it that way.

As most of you know, the site is non-profit and has been for a long time now. Elly chipped a lot of her own cash into the site over the years to keep it tip-top and live for everyone and the main priority is to make sure Diabloii.Net can sustain itself. As we all juggle other work commitments to pay the bills, having more help would be a blessing.

Right! I will report back as the work progresses next week. Stay tuned.

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  1. Hey Rushster, this is great news (I hope, as we dont know yet) lol!

    I prefer a discrete Dibloii.net account.

    Not necessary to link social media to this stuff as for me personally I dont post gaming stuff on my fb. Beside that i am trying to limit FB usage to chatting and organizing parties or birthdays, and the occasional picture “my life is soooo great, look!” Bullshit.

    Battle.Net account again works against anonymity IMO, but at least its related to the site in terms of “Diablo”.

    As for revenue stream, I don’t know, maybe non-intrusive / pathetic adds would work that are game related.

    • Most ads are game related and you’ll see more relevant stuff in the future and we are just making enough to keep the server up thanks to PALS and ads. What we really need is some more help.

      I think FB is off the table for logins. I would prefer everyone just used a site account but not everyone can be arsed to register it seems.

  2. It is really sad that Blizzard does not give even tiniest fck about D3 to maybe run some special holiday event

    • Holiday events do not belong into games like Diablo.

      There is no need to appease WOW mindsets in the Diablo franchise.

      We all know how well this one went when they brought WOW aspects into the franchise. It made D3 the stepchild of the franchise and only D4 can make things straight again.

      • Or a 3.2 adding a proper, playerdriven character development skillsystem; a counterbalance to the overweight of power gained through items, allowing for items to be more themed, less strict regarding the maximum number of affixes expressing the individual item theme and, complementary, a rng more relatable for optimizing item hunts for specific items in campaign mode, not just the Wirt-method Kadala provides adventure mode with.

        I provided a lot of ideas over the time, how I imagine that this feat would be possible. I just hope that the one or other has reached the development team and has lead to a good chain of inspiration for them to find the right solution to the issue at hands.

  3. WOW I am really excited to see the progress and updates made to the same. Diabloii team doing great lately.

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