As you can see we have made numerous site changes, not only on the main site, but the forums have also been given an upgrade. These changes will impact readers in a couple of ways and I will go through them.

    Previously, your forum account also enabled commenting on the front page thanks to a nifty user account bridge we had created. Since we upgraded the forums, there were a few issues with the old system that did not really warrant the huge amount of work needed to reinstate the system. What we have done is brought things in line with our other sites and moved the comments over to Disqus. This should give more people access to the news story comments system that may not have wanted to take a forum account.

    Community members using the forum will use their forum login when using the forum as before and new readers who want to use the forum should take out a forum account.

    There are still things being impacted by all these changes such as the gallery but it’s coming back shortly as part of the new forum upgrade. Hopefully, readers will benefit from all these changes with site speed and ease of use moving forward.

    That’s it for now, and if there are any issues or further changes you need to be aware of I will let you all know.

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