This is a Diabloii.Net technical announcement! Over the next 48 hours we are moving our servers to a new host and also to a new continent. For the past seven years the servers have been located in Germany and this week they will be migrating over to the US once again. This latest measure is an effort to streamline the site’s overheads. You may remember a few months back we mentioned that the site was now in charge of its own finances and this our latest ┬ámove to reduce costs.

    We hope there will be no downtime but you never can tell with these things. There are a few things we need to sort on the site but we are waiting until the move is complete before tackling those. I am currently pushing the server hamsters as hard as I can!

    We would also like to thank everyone who has become a PAL in the past couple of months. Your help is appreciated and it goes some way to making sure we don’t have to rely on the flailing ad market. It won’t be long until ads dry up even more, ad rates get dropped further, and more ads get blocked by visitors. We encourage anyone who enjoys what we do here to subscribe because it helps secure this site’s future.

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