I count myself lucky to have been able to interview the people I have. It’s awesome to spend time picking the brains of people who shaped the worlds you love. My luck continued with a conversation with David Brevik. We spend time discussing Diablo, his current pursuits, as well as advice for those looking to go into the industry. David also goes into some depth as to his thoughts on a D2 remaster. I won’t lie, I jump around a bit, which I credit to nerves but overall it’s worth a listen.

    Interview Timeline:

    • 0:46 – David probed about anything he hasn’t said about Diablo 2 yet.
    • 3:50 – David talks about his current work including his new game, his work at Gazillion and more.
    • 10:30 – Hardcore mode in Diablo 2 and is discussed and why they added it to the sequel.
    • 15:08 – Were there problems with the implementation in Diablo 2
    • 17:21 – How social media and new outlets has affected game development.
    • 21:00 – Is the new action RPG less about the grind? Is there a way to do that?
    • 25:40 – David talks about how he would feel about a Diablo 2 remaster and the challenges Blizzard would face to make it happen. It’s a lot more complicated than some may think.
    • 32:11  David talks about whether any Diablo game will be able to match Diablo 2.
    • 34:20 – Is any team that takes up a Diablo game at a disadvantage?
    • 39:42 – David tries to dish out some advice for anyone wanting to join the games industry.

    With this interview being posted we’d like to kick off the podcast once again which has been on a break for a few months. Please email [email protected] if you’re interested in talking some Diablo with me and others on the Diablo Podcast.

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