DiabloII.Net Diablo 3 Clan Update

Today I’ve flushed out a lot of inactive players to free up spaces in the EU softcore section of the clan. I’ve sent out some invites too so if you were waiting please check your account.

As well as some housekeeping I’d like to put a call out to any existing members or those yet to apply to help as a Clan Officer, 2 or 3 extra pairs of hands would be good. You need to be active, like playing with others, and not a dick.

Search on EU for INC and send me a message or request a clan invite.

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  1. What's the name of the NA clan?

  2. Pft, too late, I was in the clan since the start but too inactive, so I made my own with friends! Oh well, still in the community channel 😀

  3. Thank you so much for doing this! Would be great to have a more active European clan again. 🙂

  4. Are you looking for officer help in all branches of the clan or just EU?  I'm happy to help in the East/North group if needed.

    • We have INC on US also for softcore players and we're doing the same there, moving active players from IncE and IncW into INC which is the clan Blizzard reserved for us at launch.

      Have you sent an invite request mojolevel?

      • On the NA server I see IncE, IncW, IncHC, and several clans named "Inc" or "INC", none of which look like they're related to this community. Could someone send me an invite DaveTheBrave#1466… ? TIA.

      • Sorry for the slow reply – sort of on hiatus until the patch hits ;)I'm a long-time member of IncHC (formerly the East US group), under the name Mojo#1577.  My activity is much higher in game than it tends to be in terms of my comments on the site.  My only point is if you're in need of active officers for IncHC, I've got my hand raised. 🙂

  5. It told me no such person but if you got it anyway, that's all right.

  6. Hi, are you still looking for clan members?Let me know if you are please.

  7. If you are still looking for members on the EU clan, I'd love to join. My battletag is daveismyhero#1508. Thanks just in case!

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