Diablo 2 HD teaser site is not Blizzard’s work

DiabloThere has been some excitement around a site called diablo2hd.com which a countdown timer. There’s been speculation for some time that Blizzard may announce a Diablo 2 HD version, but that’s all it’s been, pure speculation.

However, just looking at the site it’s obviously not been made by Blizzard. In general, Blizzard never teases a reveal so obviously. Remember the Diablo 3 image tease that went on for about a week? That’s the kind of tease we expect from Blizzard.

Blizzard confirmed to PC Gamer that the page “isn’t ours” so I think we can put this to bed.

BlizzCon is not too far away so it won’t be long until we find out what, if anything, they have in store for Diablo. In the meantime, join the unannounced game speculation thread.


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  1. LOL, that was hilarious

  2. Domain is down when I try to visit it.

  3. stupid kids
    They never gonna do that for a bunch of whinners / crybabies and naggers
    You suckers wish they wanna do it , but its not
    simply understand that D2 is not the same as D3 but kids these days don’t understand that.

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