DiabloCraft – Minecraft Meets Diablo

This has already been done for World of Warcraft, and the guy who created the WoW one was very careful with the name calling it Mine of Worldcraft just in case the Blizzard legal team were not happy about a Warcraft name. However, it’s nice to see dedicated Diablo Minecraft gamers getting into the spirit of things with the creation of DiabloCraft. If you’re not on the Beta this could well be the next best thing until release.

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  1. It’s….   so wrong….

  2. Cute…..
    But it’s wrong!

  3. woulnt the next best thing be to play d2 or d1?

  4. Geesh Minecraft is so ugly is not even funny.  The retail version is’nt even out yet and the game looks worse then most 11 year old games do. 

    • Guess why it sold more than 3,750,000 copies? “And retail version is not even out yet.”

      Because graphics is not the point, my deep-thinking friend.

      • How many of that are the ones that didn’t pay anything to get the game, then how many are the ones that only “donated” the 9 bucks, then tell me how many paid what it is now?

        I know all about the game. And even if it was free I still wouldn’t play the game. Its a sandbox time waster. I have seen some of the so called “high rez” texture packs (IGN did a write-up about them). And you know what? I didn’t think any of them made that game look modern.  Its not like an art style choice, like Kirby’s Epic Yarn or No More Heroes. 

    • agreed. whoever turn down Minecraft for it’s graphic just doesn’t get the point of the game. beside, there are tons of high def texture packs and many many environmental changing Mods

    • Thats the point of the game…

      And there are thousands of texture packs out there if you don’t want those grahics so please know what you are talking about before trying to ‘talk’….

    • This post prooves there is no god.

    • WoW you are an absolute social retard. Your opinion means jack shit and just shows what demented imbecilic moron you are.

  5. Wow that is rather cute.

  6. Agree with those saying that playing Diablo 2 is the next best thing 🙂

  7. lol…..I just love Minecraft and Diablo, it’s good to see someone finally put them together. Minecraft is an awesome game with unlimited possibilities. I’ve seen the WoW one mentioned in the post and Portal one. I love this game so much. I actually just rent a server for a year for me and my friends to play on, much better than running a temporary server on my own PC.

  8. 😯

    It’s like the abominable demon spawn of diablo 2, diablo 3, and something more horrible than the prime evils themselves…

    And why is his health globe orange? 😐

  9. “Connection lost.”
    Lets be real, this doesn’t happen ever so often like the video suggests. I’ve been playing a lot of different online games and I’ve been DC:ed so seldom that I for the life of me can’t even think of a single time that that has happened.
    Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill.

    • It happened ONCE in the video, how is that over exaggerating?  Anyway, it actually does happen quite frequently on D2 battlenet servers, especially when you happen to be on a server where people start selling SOJs.

  10. so is there a link that i can download this already or is it just a fan made movie??

  11. I can’t tell if it’s satire, or someone has an axe to grind. Calling Nathan Poe to this thread. Nathan Poe to this thread, please.
    Silly and cute either way, though. Interesting mash-up.

  12. I think this is incredibly awesome.  I’m not a huge Minecraft fan per se (though I did purchase it); I’ve watched more videos on youtube about the game than I’ve spent playing it.

    That said, I think it’s really cool how they recreated these areas within the MC world.  Moo Moo Farm had me laughing for a good fifteen seconds.  I’d love to have the D2 interface for MC, especially the inventory screen.  The Horadric Cube should be the texture for the work bench, too.  The 3rd person iso camera, though, I’d pass on.

  13. That was cool. Except that the UI was from D3. Kinda made it feel so wrong..

  14. I wonder if this is going to have a beta where we test 1/3 of an act as well…

  15. Half the above comments show just how uptight Diablo fans are.

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