Diablo3TV – Poison Summoner, Evil Money and Theorycraft #6

There are three videos that have been added to Diablo3.TV in the last day which I think are well worth a view.

Slybacongaming demonstrates a Poison Summoner build for the witch doctor, why the skill choice, how he may alter the build on the arrival of patch 1.0.4 and lastly his follower set up.

MackTen has broadcast episode 3 of Evil Money. This series of shows focuses primarily on the economy and as an active trader he talks about 1.0.3 changes, its implications on crafting (esp. Legendaries) and the economy and also talks about how he’s been making money and passes on tips on what to invest in now with an eye on large profits down the road.

The last video is a biggie but if you have an hour and a half then in “Theorycraft #6” Dr Zealot, Scraps and “smiley” Ryan discuss what they’re doing to enjoy Endgame, MF gear swapping and also explore a handful of builds they’re enjoying the most right now.

There are loads more videos being added to Diablo3TV so make sure you check in often and also take a moment to rate their contributions.

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4 thoughts on “Diablo3TV – Poison Summoner, Evil Money and Theorycraft #6

  1. He had an interesting point about having the plans for crafting legendaries. My only concern is that since they had said existing items won’t be affected, I could see them saying you have to find the new plans (i.e. the old plans will still make the old, underpowered legendaries).

    • Probably existing plans will be upgraded. They are not items themselves, so you probably won’t need to farm for new plans.
      But they made a good point that even old sets will have updated set bonuses, even if the items’ stats will stay the same.

  2. @Evilmoney…. So buy up all the shitty plans (earthshatter etc) now in the hope the item gets a good buff later and then flip it? Is there anything else I should be buying up now to sell later?

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