Diablo3Markets.com Updates

Azzure has been keeping on top of all the economy news on Diablo3markets.com this week with numerous updates including RMAH difficulties in Korea, discussion on how many copies of Diablo 3 will sell and he’s also currently testing out the gold value tracking system on the site.

Did you know that the value of gold has reached an all-time low today of 540g = $1?

If you’re interested in the economics of the game and the RMAH make sure you check the site daily for the latest going rates.

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    8 thoughts on “Diablo3Markets.com Updates

    1. You didnt think the gold auction house would be viable with a rmah, all those good items from the gold item house will be bought with an inflated price relative to the dollar.

    2. I have trouble going from the regular d.net forums (dark background) to the markets forum (white background). Hurts my eyes, makes me think I’m on a different website. Anyone else bugged by that?

      • It is worsened by being in a dark room where you eyes adjust to near darkness when on a dark screen. I always have the lights out, it just makes everything on the screen look better and doesn’t reflect any light so I know what you mean.

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