Last week a beta test began  for Diablo3Ladders.com and it all went rather well and helped the site iron out bugs before a proper season gets under way. Thanks to everyone who tested the system and for the bug reports you sent, it was super helpful.

    Next week a proper full 3 month levelling season will begin. Yes, we are aware it’s not the same as Diablo 2 ladders, we know you can twink items (which you could do anyway when Blizzard opened up the Paragon system), this is a way for Diablo 3 players to have a bit of fun and give them a new challenge.

    Based on the feedback from you guys the site also has a few new features such as Custom groups you create and Kill Score Ladders.

    The first new feature are the Kill Score Ladders (see Kill Score tab on main front page ladders). This ladder is reset automatically each month and gives players a “Kill Score” based on their killing actions as they play. The difference with this ladder is you do not need to join it, simply have a  Diablo3ladders.com account (same as your Diablo: IncGamers site account) and  enter your BattleTag on the site. You are automatically entered. You can track your progress against other players as the ladder displays the rise and fall of your daily rank. Each month’s Kill Score is archived so you can keep a track of your own scores.

    Kill Scores are worked out with some mathematical trickery taking into account the difference between Hardcore and Softcore kills and Elite Kills.

    Diablo3Ladders.com Monthly Kill Score Ladder

    The second new feature are Groups. Groups allow you to create your own group of players/guild/friends/country companions that you play with or associate with on forums for example.  Group tables show how each player in the group compares on stats with each other.

    Each group also has a “shoutbox” where members of that group can contact and share comments with each other.

    Anyone can set up a Group so if you have regular playing buddies, perhaps want all Swedish players in your group, or you have a guild or forum group, then set one up and get your mates to join. The person who sets up the Group has admin rights to control the group and will determine who can join once someone requests to join. Players can send a request to the Admin of any group by hitting “join group”. Admins can also assign other group members to be moderators of the group to help with any applications that come in.

    Diablo3Ladders.com Groups

    There is a lot more that will be added based on further feedback, but for now, to get things started, either join the first Diablo3Ladders.com season which starts next Wedbesday (17 October), register  and enter your BattleTag to take part in the monthly Kill Score Ladders or create your own group.

    Any suggestions your have please leave them in the comments.

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