We regularly select videos to report in the news, (usually when they’ve been brought our attention), but it’s always hard to hunt down Diablo 3 related videos around the intertubes.  This evening we have opened Diablo3.tv, a new section of Diablo: IncGamers where the community can easily share their Diablo 3 videos and creations. Gameplay, boss kills, walkthroughs, special achievements (naked runs or speed runs or even naked speedy runs) and community created content.  All can be easily added to the section by simply posting a link to the video, Diablo3.tv does the rest.  No uploading involved. With categories and search everyone can seek out the videos easily.

    With more Beta testers joining the fray, more videos will be hitting the net and you can show your Diablo3 creations by linking your videos within the section with a couple of clicks.  Hope you find it useful and if you have feedback or suggestions, as always speak up in the comments.

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