Is Diablo 3 just too rainbow coloured for you? You will all remember the DiabloWikiArt Controversy  debates which discussed the fact that Diablo 3 was just too bright and didn’t capture the essence of the previous games. Blizzard stuck to their guns with the art direction and the majority of us are pleased with the results.

    “But wait! It would be so much better if it was darker!”. This  is a cry we have heard time and time again. Well if you want it darker then check out this modification from Axecutioner who has taken what was originally a Skyrim mod to tone down the colours in the game by utilising a  Direct3D hooking filter.  This ‘mod’ is simply a DLL file and a few shader filter files that are dropped into the Diablo 3 install directory.

    Axecutioner has tweaked the shader filters to give the game a gloomier look and the results are pretty interesting when you see it live in this video. As Axecutioner quite rightly states, we don’t know whether this is allowed by Blizzard  but as it’s not messing with the original game files I can’t see a problem. Axecutioner also says that he has been using something similar while playing WoW for over a year without any problems.

    Axecutioner also released a few comparison screenshots which you can find after the break…

    Thanks to Iskariota for sending this over.

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