Diablo Will Get a 15th Anniversary After All?

Bashiok issued a series of typically-cryptic/confusing tweets today, but the gist seems to be that Blizzard will be posting some sort of commemoration for Diablo’s 15th anniversary later this week, once they’re back from holiday.

15 years ago today @Diablo was unleashed upon the world. Happy anniversary! #Diablo15 –Bashiok

there was no super news for today? –ManuCampora
It’ll be ready early this week. 🙂 –Bashiok

awww everyone on forums are praying for a release date –PsassLuke
What? No. It’s just a 15 year celebration. –Bashiok

No, but its fun to dream lol. Thank you very much for the answer –PsassLuke
Well that’s silly. You think I’d honestly even mention a release date announcement before it happens? –Bashiok

Gratz on the 15 years how many years have you been with Blizz and whats your Best moment –Drutaks
8 years and change. Favorite moment was being in Paris for the announcement of #D3. The emotions washed over me. Unforgettable. –Bashiok

He’s not saying that we’ll get a DiabloWikirelease date this week, though that his first tweet seemed to hint in that direction. The confusion is understandable; after all, we’ve seen Blizzard set release dates for their release dates in the past. (And then generally miss those, too.)

Update: Comment of the year from SteveG:

I hope it’s artwork we’ve seen before. That would be awesome.

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26 thoughts on “Diablo Will Get a 15th Anniversary After All?

  1. I wish Blizzard would give us a release date for the release date of the release date of Diablo 3.
    THEN we’d know how long we need to wait to know how long we need to wait to know how long we need to wait for Diablo 3.
    This way, it’s just lame.

      • We heard you like release dates, but we’re Blizzard, so instead, we put a vague comment that gives no info in our vague comment that gives no info so you can rage while you rage… 😉

        Yay for meme necro-ing!

  2. Wow.  In other words, don’t bother getting your hopes up for anything that you really want in the way of information about the development progression of Diablo 3.  Not even the 15 year anniversary can change Blizzard’s mind about keeping us all in the dark…

    Because why would anyone want to commemorate the anniversary of the franchise in a way that its fans will actually remember as being epic and befitting of such an event??

    Seriously, why did he bother building something up that basically promises to be pretty lame at this point?

    Is there anybody out there that DOESN’T think this is gonna be pretty lame?  Unless they start talking open beta or massive beta invites WITHOUT strings attached, I’m not impressed at all.

    • Seriously, why did he bother building something up that basically promises to be pretty lame at this point?

      That’s what they’ve been doing for 4 years. Habit y’know.

  3. something big will be some kind of wallpaper or so, just cope with it, when we get the date it will be kinda unawaited.

  4. The party should be Open Beta. Getting tired of just reading opinions  and watching vids after 4 years.

  5. The good news is that we will see what Blizzard understand by “early” 🙂  “early this week”, “early 2012″… 😀

    • early = wednesday. So we can expect D3 by June?

      Kidding, just saying that Brazilian posts on official D3 page are a week after the official US posts, and they always say that they post “as fast as possible”.

      • I hope it’s out by June. For all we know, they may think than anytime before December is the early part of the year. As long as we get d3 by next Christmas I’ll be happy.

  6. Sorry to break your hearts everyone, but it would seem that we WON’T be getting a wallpaper this week after all. Unless Bashiok is bluffing!

    JustinDoss1: Bashiok Can you at least confirm this new is NOT a new wallpaper?
    Bashiok: @JustinDoss1 I don’t believe any wallpapers are involved. 🙂

  7. My money’s on something to do with more people getting beta access. I seem to recall a Bashiok post not long ago about there being a lot more invites coming soon…

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