The Blizzard web team has taken to amusing themselves for their audience, with recent image posts on their Twitter channels.  The @Diablo team got things started with a photo of an ancient Warcraft 2 promotional standee, which they claimed to be holding hostage. The @Warcraft guys fired back shortly after, with an even more vintage photo, of a D1 statue in front of some sort of French promotional plaque. You can see both images below.

    Yes, this is all fairly ridiculous, as the same few webteam/PR guys in the same offices use the same computers to update all 3 of the Blizzard Twitter feeds, but it’s fun to pretend. It’s playfulness that builds camaraderie and helps them all forget the soulless corporate boot that’s set to grind down on their tender, release date-delaying necks the moment any Blizzard title even slightly underperforms. (I’m joking, of course, since we’re talking about the fun-loving DiabloWikiBobby Kotkick here. What could possibly go wrong?)


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