No, it’s not one of those “Wolverine + Kryptonite claws vs. Superman!” existential geek questions from the days before media-mergers made all such mashups theoretically possible. It’s a Greatest Game Villains contest on Gamespot, a tournament which has reached the quarterfinals, which makes this newsworthy. (These votes gaming sites run with a clear, “let’s get every fansite on the internet to link to us” agenda, get old.)

    So, we’re into the final eight, and after defeating Andross, Dr. Willy, and Darth Malak, Diablo is up against his second Darth, Senor Vader. Presumably this is the Darth Vader from a Star Wars video game, not the movie one, so judge the contestants and cast your vote accordingly.

    While you’re there, you might have an opinion on Kerrigan, of Starcraft fame, in her match against Bowser. Who is, as best I recall, an evil turtle. Now that would be a fairly humiliating loss. If you wanted to vote for someone from Warcraft, it’s too late. That silver-haired elf guy from the WoW cinematics lost in the third round to The Joker, a character whose popularity was no doubt spurred by his recent movie incarnation.

    Incidentally, if you really do want to geek-out on the question, do it in the comments. Who would win, Diablo vs. Darth Vader? Claws and size and speed and magical projectiles vs. plastic black armor and the force and a “real” light saber?

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