Blizzard’s @Diablo channel remained in a weekend slumber until Wednesday of this week, but once things got going on hump day, there were some worthy goodies. Including the nifty piece of fan art you see to the right.

    As we do every week, here’s our run down of the more substantial tweets of the last seven four days. They’re reformatted somewhat, to put them into chronological order, as well as overcome the “Who said what now?” limitation inherent in Twitter dialogue.

    • who is the Blizzard Twitter guy anyway?—Nov 20, by TheElitists
      • We are many, but since I’m the only Diablo community manager I mostly take care of the Diablo twitter feed. Nov 20th
      • That didn’t answer anything did it? I’m DiabloWikiBashiok. Diablo community guy person. Nov 20th
    • The skill system revision is in full force. Trees begone! I think it might be a winner. Jay says hi.—Nov 20th
      • When you mentioned trees begone did you mean how they are setup currently or are you doing away with skill trees altogether?, Nov 20, by Ralackk
        • We’re implementing and will be testing a new system that changes how skills are acquired. That’s all I’ll say. —Nov 20th

    The photo Bashiok posted of his 2010 Diablo III calendar can be seen below. These calendars are $14 from the Blizzard Store. They were on sale at Blizzcon back in August, and while they look great and would fit your wall very nicely, be aware that there isn’t any new artwork in it, so don’t buy it hoping/expecting some eye candy you haven’t already seen in our various concept art galleries.

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