Here’s our weekly wrap-up of the impactful? posts from Blizzard’s @Diablo Twitter feed. There weren’t very many of them last week, and aside from a #DailyDiablo question that allowed me to be annoying/advocate once again for the weapon switch hotkey they’re inexplicably leaving out of Diablo 3, this would have been a very short update, if not for the semi-debate that broke out about items on Friday afternoon.

    The blue comments were made by Blizzard through @Diablo. The white comments were fan-tweets that Blizzard replied to. (Those are fairly hard to follow on the @Diablo page since you’re only viewing half the conversation. You have to click through on the tiny link below each post where it says “in reply to _______’ to see what the other person said to elicit Blizzard’s response. It’s possible to quote (re-tweet) incoming comments for easier one-page viewing comprehension, but Blizzard isn’t doing that through @Diablo any longer.)

    Act II boss encounter going through a lot of concepting and prototype testing.—Nov 9th

    What is your favorite cinematic from the Diablo games?—Nov 9th

    The final act wrapping up the story and the ending cinematic. I’ve been dying to know what happened to Mount Arreat after the end. Nov 13th, by cknowles

    There aren’t any specifics but I think it being called “Arreat Crater” now probably answers some questions. World Map. Nov 13th

    Bubbling tar effect in early implementation state. Watch where you step.—Nov 13th

    @Diablo Curious: Will Diablo III feature item quality variations like previous Diablos, or fixed attributes like in @Warcraft?—Nov 13, by danielfowler

    Both feature fixed and random item attributes to varying degrees. But it’ll be closer to Diablo II’s style.—Nov 13th

    • Of the features that the LoD expansion added what was the most impactful for you?—Nov 12th
      • The higher resolution and the patch changes. I really hated runes.—Nov 13th, by Kaanin
        • What did you hate about runes specifically? We’re only using gems in Diablo III, but I’m just curious.—Nov 13th
          • You had to go online & sift through runeword sheets to see what you could make, & there was no way to tell rune rarity at a glance.—Nov 13th, by Kaanin
            • Sure, yeah. It forced you to use out-of-game resources to understand the system. Cool, thanks for the feedback.—Or maybe not design systems that require even casual players to alt-tab to find out what they do.—Nov 13
              • No matter what though players are going to want to lookup, items and skill info. But you make an awesome point reguardless.—Nov 13, by Kaanin


    Didn’t like skill synergies, because it discouraged using less conventional builds because you wouldn’t get the bonus.—Nov 12th, by natethebetrayer

    Yup, all good points. Thanks for the feedback.—Nov 13th

    I’m pretty sure that “impactful” is a fantasy word.—Nov 13th, by NinjaFish

    I don’t know, it’s in Webster’s. But then what isn’t these days?

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