We’ve been meaning to start a regularly feature that would summarize the past week’s game-related action on Blizzard’s official Diablo Twitter feed. And since it’s a slow Sunday afternoon and I’m home on a weekend for once, here we go.  These entries extend back slightly further than a week since this is the first one, they’re in reverse chronological order since that makes it easier to follow the conversation, and they only include the game-related stuff. You’ll want to follow the @Diablo feed yourself if you want to participate in their semi-daily, “what color do you think the female Monk’s eyes should be” chatter questions.

    #Diablo: Working on updating rare/champion monster visualizations and colors to help distinguish them a bit better.—Oct 28th

    #Nukesniper: Speaking on colors, is loot going to switch to the WoW color system? Instead of white,blue,yellow,gold (green)?

    #Diablo: @nukesniper No, but Diablo II used orange, yellow, AND gold for item quality colors. Those are a bit too close so some will change.—Oct 28th

    #Diablo: Wizard?s resource system getting its treatments from tech art.—Oct 29th

    #Diablo: Bloated corpse clickable has had its tech art pass. Now exploding with grossness. Hrm, it needs something else?—Nov 3rd
    #Diablo: This is likely. @egregory25: “try adding in some nice worms that crawl out that we can step on and splatter on the floor.”—Nov 3rd

    #Diablo: Artists are pushing to create lots of Unique weapons. Nothing we?ll show off just yet. [/tease]—Nov 5th

    #Diablo: Act II boss encounter going through a lot of concepting and prototype testing.—Nov 6th

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