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@Diablo has been busy of late, RT’ing all the jokes about Gheed and other #d3Tag hijinks that I’m sure someone, somewhere finds entertaining. There’s been nothing on game info mixed into the chat until this afternoon, though. The three new replies are quoted below, and yes, you can pretty well stamp “slow news day” on this one.

What are the golden scrolls in this picture?—travisthefairy

It [WIKI]Scroll of Wealth[/WIKI] allows you to sell an item for gold from anywhere. An alternative to DiabloWikisalvaging.—Diablo

Will terrain change in the outdoors? ie will a random place potentially involve a forested area instead of a broken down caravan.—jackzor24

Yes, absolutely.—Diablo

What is the word on the followers system?—Scyberdragon

Unannounced. —Diablo

Along with some kind of Auction House/trading system, a hireling/mercenary feature has long been one of the leading candidates for “another major game system we haven’t been told about yet.” Sounds like it’s still on that list, from this @Diablo comment. Happily, we shouldn’t have to wait too much longer, since Bashiok recently said all major game systems would be revealed before the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta began.

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