butcher-hotsBack at Blizzcon 2014, we saw a sneak perview of an upcoming map for Heroes of the Storm that was entirely Diablo-themed. The map shifted from Angelic light to Demonic darkness and now there’s much more info to see, including Easter Egg type details all over the place. Giant statues of Angels, pits with Flayed Titans, and even the Butcher roaming around looking to lay down some chop chop action.

    Here’s info about the Butcher on the Diablo-Themed Heroes of the Storm Map:

    Blizzard describes The Butcher as a medium level difficulty character, and Dabiri said he was developed to “capture the fear” that player’s felt when they first encountered him in the original Diablo.

    Browder detailed The Butcher’s traits, attacks and heroic abilities during our presentation, starting with Fresh Meat, the character’s most memorable catchphrase. The Fresh Meat trait allows The Butcher to pick up blood droplets left behind by dead players and minions. Those blood drops boost the character’s damage, one percent at a time. He loses any Fresh Meat bonus damage upon death.

    The Butcher can also use his Hamstring attack to damage and slow enemies along a line, and Butcher’s Brand to mark an enemy and then draw hit points from them with each successive attack. With Ruthless Onslaught, The Butcher charges at an enemy and, if he connects, stuns them.

    His two heroic abilities are Lamb to the Slaughter, which chains an opponent to a tether, restricting their movement for a few seconds, and Furnace Blast, an area of effect blast of heat that surrounds The Butcher and evokes an attack from Diablo 3.

    Here’s some screens of the level and the enemies found upon it. Very cool visual touches from Diablo 3 abound:

    There’s even a short video showing the Butcher in chopping, chain-hook throwing action. Click through to view it, because auto-play. There’s also a video of the new playable Crusader hero.

    Anyone playing HotS and eager for this level and the new Crusader playable hero? Excite? I have to admit the level looks very cool in the video and screens.

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