Sifting through the deluge of jokey bleh that DiabloWiki@Diablo now spews forth like an oil well deep beneath the Gulf of Mexico, Ninyu caught an interesting tidbit.

    #HashCraft -tastic bonus round! Worth: 5,911 #winning points. You come up with the best #D3Tag question and we’ll Repeat. That. Tweet. —Diablo

    Note that 5-9-11 = May 9th, 2011. AKA this coming Monday. AKA Unicorn Day, when the next quarterly Activision/Blizzard conference call is set to go. Mike Morhaime semi-promised us, three months ago during the last conference call, that we’d get a news update on the Diablo III beta test.

    ?D3 development continues to go well, and we?re very excited about the game? I?m looking forward to sharing more news about the game, and our upcoming beta, during the next conference call.?

    Would @Diablo be teasing mentions of 5/9/11 if they weren’t planning to say something worth hearing on Monday afternoon?

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