@Diablo Teases the August 1st Reveal

Blizzard has finally made a public announcement of the upcoming Bliz Irvine press event we’ve been talking about all month. Here’s the tweet:

We’ve invited press to Blizzard HQ to help us make some important announcements on August 1st. What features do you hope/think we’ll reveal? –Diablo

It’s not an entirely fair question, since we already know they’re going to show off (some? all?) the DiabloWikiBattle.net aspects of Diablo III, plus give the attendees hands-on with a playable version of the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 beta build. What Battle.net features will be revealed, though? Just seeing the interface and learning about how the chat channels, game creation, matchmaking, friends list, and other stuff works will be interesting. We should also see something about the trading system/Auction House, and perhaps some new details about the DiabloWikiArena, or tournaments, ladders, B.net DiabloWikiachievements for DiabloWikiE-peen satisfaction… and more?

Sadly, we’re not a fawnsite, so I wasn’t invited to this event. That’s sad primarily since Blizzard will be releasing all sorts of official info and screenshots and interviews on the Battle.net stuff, but probably not much new stuff about changes to the game itself. We’ll be dependent upon the attendees for that info.

You can compare it to Blizzcon; Blizzard reveals major features, releases a gameplay movie plus screenshots and artwork, hosts panels, schedules interviews, etc… but all that info is available to anyone, whether you attend the show or not. The real reason to attend Blizzcon, and the reason I’ve gone the last 3 years, is to get hands-on time with the game. That’s where the best info comes from, and it’s what allowed me to write the mega-reports you guys found so useful. Just last year I produced huge articles on Wizard, Witch Doctor, Monk, Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Quests, and Battle Arena.

As far as I know, no one else, on any website on the entire Internet, wrote anything like that about their D3 play experience at Blizzcon, and I fear that will again hold true for this upcoming Blizzard event. Happily, we’ve got interviews lined up with at least 2 of the attendees, so I’ll do what I can to crack open their brains and pour out all the hot, juicy, delicious info.

I mean that in the nicest possible way, of course. *cough*

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  1. I’m happy about August 1st… but I don’t understand this blizz PR site invite crap… you’ve been around the diablo series for years, for quite a many of years as I remember (back when d2 just started), and just because you support other games as well your not considered an ‘official’ fansite by them? rip.

    I bet more people read this website for D3 news vs any other, and that’s really sad you can’t get an invite to this event. I think that’s really stupid on blizzards part.

    So now I’m forced to go to another site, thanks blizzard! 🙁  I hope you guys get a good share of news though, I really do.

    • “just because you support other games as well your not considered an ‘official’ fansite by them?”
      I think its also because he refuses to publish only good reviews and refuses to delete posts that say negative things

  2. “Due to some other important issues (WOW), Diablo 3 beta is going to be postponed to January 2012. We apologise the fans!”
    not that i bother. my pre-order was canceled long time ago

  3. You’ll have the last laugh Flux. The whole thing will be a bust. Blizzard will be handing out printer copied screenshots to all invited.

  4. Real nice, taunting me like that, Blizz; you can go screw 😛
    Also pretty shitty that you didn’t get an invite; it’s hard to respect that kind of practice.

  5. I’m sure it has nothing to do with any rumors posted about d3 here on this sight.
    See what I did there? rumors about d3, poster here. Ahaha.

  6. There can be only 1 reason for the list of selected fansites: exposure.
    This is the first almost-full game review that Blizz wants for D3, those that cover all magazines and frontpages of all-around gaming sites with 1million hits a month. They’ve probably decided it’s time to show diablo to those who don’t even know what it is.
    Still, it’s a poor community job not to invite this fansite (#1) to the event. Any community manager would see more than just page hits.Maybe it is some kind of personal vendetta about posting those rummors.
    [Bashiok fans please insult after the beep.]

    • Blizz Irvine PR places a lot of limits on what fansites can say or do or cover (or tell the truth about) in order to stay in their good graces and get invites to events. And we don’t feel it’s worth not being able to inform you guys about controversies, not being able to talk to Bliz North people about D3, etc, in order just to get a ticket to blizzcon once a year.

      AFAIK Bashiok has nothing to do with the invite decisions. It’s his higher ups in the Bliz Irvine PR who are the rooster blockers.  If you guys want a lot more about IncGamers’ issues with Bliz PR, check out the forum thread on the visit, and why we’re not attending.


      Go on to the next page for some comments from Rush, who was much more involved in the last argument with PR than I was.

  7. Hey flux, did you get invites to previous blizzcons only to get shunned on this one? Or was your attendance for previous years simply due to getting lucky enough to score tix the hard way (over the phone)?


  8. We have always been invited to Blizzard events (over 12 years) up until one year ago. We asked why they stopped inviting us and they couldn’t give us an answer so we sill don’t know why, Requests for clarification from Blizzard PR and community go unanswered.

    Perhaps you can all @Diablo and ask him 😉

    • I did make an account to tweet just that. It’s ridiculous on their part. Doubt I’ll get a response though…

      (had to use AgtJ84 though, this was taken 😉 )

    • I will create an account on Twitter and ask Blizzard why they haven’t invited Incgamers. It’s the elephant in the room. they may be able to ignore you but they can’t ignore the community if we keep askign questions.  If they think by ignoring the site you’ll stop being the main Diablo 3 fansite they couldn’t be more wrong.  I hate bully corporations who think they can ride over people.

      • I just asked them about this and to reconsider their decision. I will be really surprised though if we get an answer.

        Maybe if we mention the @diiinet twitter account in our tweets more people will look at it and see how great this site is. Perhaps they start questioning Blizzard too.

  9. I agree that this is ridiculous! This is the only true hardcore diablo fansite. All others are run by *@#&$ Noobs!

  10. This is the only site I check for Diablo news, I bet you´ll still have the best coverage even though you aren’t going. Would have been nice to have some hands-on reports from competent people though.

    • The hands-on reports are what really kills. I read all kinds of Diablo fansites, each site offers something at least mildly different from the others if they aren’t just there to rack up attention from Blizzard. Most of the English-speaking sites are pretty good. Much better than the petty alternatives that were offered during D2’s development. This site had zero competition back then.

      Now, there’s a few sites I go to, but the hands-on reports are what is killing it for me. This is the only site where you will find people who don’t have a thumb up their ass when it comes to writing something legible and fun to read. Editorials and speculation, y’know, those only go so far. Gameplay reports are the most “important” aspect of a fansite following a game pre-development. Blizzard PR just &%^$ed us over, not that they care. Every diablo fan got screwed here, not just the incgamers staff.

      You can find the PR email on the Blizzard website if you’re interested in making an inquiry. [email protected] is the place to begin. I would suggest keeping a polite, civil tone if you actually wanted to help out incgamers and not hurt them. Not that they’re horribly worried about it, but they have no way of showing that they aren’t involved in your contact with the pr department.

  11. Add me to the “this is the only Diablo site worth checking for info on” list.
    Silly you don’t get to go.

  12. This is crazy. Blizzard are entertainers, and entertainers play for the fans, not the critics. I can’t believe they actually moderate fansites despite the fact that their games are so good. It shows a deep-seated fear of failure, that’s all. Flux, the kind of work you and the other guys are doing here is unparalleled. Hell to Blizzard PR if they don’t realize this.

    And do Jay Wilson, Julian Love or any of the devs know about this? That you guys aren’t invited? I wonder.

    • And I dunno if geographical spread matters to you guys, but I’m from India and yes, that’s how far your fans are spread 🙂 I will never get a chance to play at BlizzCon or any other convention, so your gameplay reports are everything for me. Hope that whatever happens, you can get more of ’em! Best of luck from all of us here in India!

    • Blizzard is a game producing company built and targeted on profit, and profit based companies “play” for the money.
      I have all respect for this site and the work done here. If a petition or request for attending would be made I would sign it.
      Respect from Romania here as well…

  13. This is the one and only D3 fan site and will always be. I’m sure Flux and Co will keep us posted with info. “If something is not published on diabloiii.net then it’s not worth reading” as it’s stated in the writings of Abd al-Hazir.

  14. #1 word
    but ill not go to another website. i really trust in flux

  15. Hey guys!First of all,this is my favorite site ever and i can’t imagine what will happen if i don’t visit it at least once per a day:)
    Second,I want to excuse myself for my bad English(this is the reason I prefer only to read the news,and I write any comments very rare),but I am coming from Bulgaria,where English language is not native,and I’ve never learnt it at school.I hope you guys will understand me and forgive my mistakes:))
    This one is the best D3 fan site by far.I’m pretty sure about that,and i don’t care if Blizz do not invite Flux on the press event.I will continue to visit this site, and i will wait for info every single day here,because for me other options don’t exist!
    Everything  started in July 2008 when a friend of mine has told me there is a D3 demo and Blizz have done an official D3 announcement. I’ve started to seek infos about the new game, and i saw their official site.I realized very soon that everything in there is going to slow and there is huge lack of new stuff.So i wanted to find real good D3 fan site with solid information about everything in the game incl. posts,screen shots,movies,comments..
    I’ve started to check different sites when i saw Diablo.incgamers:) After I visited the site twice,i’ve stopped to check any others,simply because i was completely satisfied with everything in there.From October 2008 Diablo.Incgamers became my favorite online place,where I’ve spent lots of hours:)
    And now 3 years later I have couple of friends from Bulgaria who have started to visit the site,and they like it very much too.We are all waiting for news here every day in our favorite place.
    I want to say “thanks” to Flux,Elly and all of the guys(girls) who comment and visit the site here every single day like me,the guys who speak in podcasts and everybody else who likes the site. Great job guys,keep doing it, and best of luck from us here in Bulgaria: :love:

  16. It is simple. If you don’t drink my kind of koolaid all the time then you can’t go! I’m glad Flux and the crew share the info we have had over the years or else we would have hardly nothing to go on.

  17. “What features do you hope/think we’ll reveal?”

    -_- Launch date?

  18. Flux (and company) if you guys have access to and devs directly i’m sure they could run this issue up the flagpole.  If you guy’s have been invited in years past, I don’t see why that trend cannot continue.  There’s 10 trillion people at blizzcon, i’m sure they have room for 4 more or so (whatever number you would bring).

    I’m sorry your inquiries go unresponded to.  That’s pretty bad.  But they need your representation there at the show.  You guys should be priv’d players.

    Don’t we all agree??

    • Well diablo3 fansites aren’t really the ideal place to show big game announcements or big feature announcements, wich would only benefit for the fans that already and mostlikely gonna buy this game anyway, and that doesn’t help finding new fans/gamers. Wich doesn’t increase sales, yes marketing it’s all about the numbers.

      • That would hold up if it weren’t for the fact Blizzard have invited other fansites that get a fraction of the traction Incgamers does.  It’s not just general press.  One of the sites has been covering Diablo 3 for about 3 months only!  Blizzard PR department are being bullies.

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