Adam (also known as “Dtdee”) has permanently grafted a piece of Diablo artwork all over his back. It’s slightly modified from the original that you can see to the right, but pretty much spot on, down to the little finger on the angel’s right hand. The only difference is changing the face from female to male, and removing the weapon or symbol behind him.

    For people thinking “that’s insane”, it’s actually not that bad. The artwork itself is pretty nifty, and really, how many have played Diablo I and remembers that piece of artwork from the manual anyway? The only people who would recognise it would be fellow D1 geeks, which just makes the tattoo more meaningful.

    This is an angel/demon tatto, almost completely full back. The original design was taken from the original Diablo game manual, and modified by the artist.

    This was done @ Tattoo Connection Melbourne, Australia.

    (apologies for the lens flare. I’ve taken about 20 photos and can’t get the light right to stop reflections)

    You can rate his tattoo at RateMyInk.com, comment in our forum thread, or check out this Battle.net thread.

    Would you be willing to etch some Diablo artwork into your own skin, or have you already done it?

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