Diablo Tattoo: Full Back Diablo Skull

A fan posted some photos of a giant Diablo skull tattoo he’s getting fullbacked, and it’s an impressive display. We’ve seen some pretty good Diablo-themed and Tyrael tats before, but this one has to be the largest and most likely to get him banned from Massage Envy that we’ve seen yet.

The guy’s pics show it progressing three-hour session by session, while it’s clearly still a WiP, it’s pretty cool already.

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  1. Dude… Thats…. Hmmm… Dunno what to say really… Im not a big fan of tatoos.. But im a big Diablo fan so thumbs up:-)

    If i was to make a tatoo with Diablo theme i would propably get a D2 Lightsabre. Coolest item EVA:-)

    Regards Beltt

  2. am I the only one who read diablo skull fuck back tattoo?

  3. The horns look much smaller.

  4. Big canvas give the artist some time. My scars are/were free.

  5. Looks really good.

  6. Cool. Although the title made me think Red Dragon type of art 😀 WiP but if it were on me I’d add smoke/shadow/etc. outside the lines to avoid “stamp” effect.

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