@Diablo: Stash Size, Inv Sorting, and Boss Coloration

Three questions were answered via the @Diablo twitter feed on Friday, and here they are.

will there be a limitation to our DiabloWikistash at d3?—Orhun_Kayaalp
Of course. But an increased size coupled with items only being able to be two-squares max, and there’s a lot more space.—Diablo

Have you considered / already implemented an auto-sort button for the DiabloWikiinventory? I find it to be useful for grid style inventories.—FloodSC
The game will attempt to auto-sort items a bit for you when you pick them up. But to fine-tune it, that’s all you.—Diablo

On Nightmare and Hell difficulties will the DiabloWikibosses retain their original art color or will they be crazy colors like in D2?—vtaenz

No gaudy paint-bucket applications in Diablo III are planned, no. We have hand-crafted texture variants where needed.—Diablo

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