Diablo Sculpture and Bust from Blizzcon 2011

HolyKnight points us to Blizzard artist Sam Yang’s post on 3D modeling site Z Brush, which shows off an amazing Diablo sculpture he created as part of the on-stage art demos at this year’s Blizzcon. It’s a shockingly-detailed and oh-so-3D view, showing Diablo’s spikes and scales and even the odd, toothy-mouths on his shoulders. Click the pic for a larger view, and also check out the finished sculpture created from this 3D prototype.

We’ve not seen DiabloWikiSam Yang‘s work before, but if you view his blog he’s got a bunch of other 3D sculpting type work on it. Judging by the samples there, he did a lot of the structures and levels in Starcraft II, and he presents plenty of non-Blizzard space-themed imagery as well, in other updates.

We do not know if he did any similar work for Diablo III, or just this amazing Diablo sculpture, but he’ll probably let us know via his blog, when/if D3 is ever released.

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4 thoughts on “Diablo Sculpture and Bust from Blizzcon 2011

  1. Oh noes! Spoilers! I hate spoilers. I might not play the game at all just to avoid spoilers!
    😛 Great detail on that model though. The “faces” on the shoulders don’t really look like faces, just mouths.

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