Diablo Roams the Earth

As you’d have seen last week there was a very cool cosplay in the making, a contender for first place at next year’s Blizzcon. Well Joshua Smith has now finished the costume and has updated his blog here with some good quality stills and a video which provides a good view of it from all angles. At one point he takes it out into his front yard and I can only imagine what the curtain twitchers around his neighbourhood thought when they spied it giving the camera a twirl.  It’s really not something you expect to see.

Well done to Joshua and best of luck at Blizzcon where he expects to take it next year to compete in the costume contest.

Check out his blogs with the new stills and previous videos of the costume at various stages during its creation.

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27 thoughts on “Diablo Roams the Earth

  1. pretty cool.  Isn’t it a bad idea though to show the cosplay participants what you have done already?  Seems like the kind of thing you should keep under wraps.
    He should add a flame throwing kit that comes out the hands.  Fire-lighting.  oh yeah

  2. that. is. awesome. 

    that said….. is that a guy in a female diablo costume? 😛 dont look too….. child-bearing to me.

  3. lol he looks a lil wobbly, hasn’t mastered the art of walking in high heels, has he? lol step on his tail, see what happens

  4. [url]http://img836.imageshack.us/img836/5160/diabloshadows.jpg[/url]
    made a little pic to highlight the shadows, every color is a shadow of a part of the head. I’m not a talented painter but you’ll get my point, I think
    I noticed even more shadows while posting but those are not relevent to the costume.

    Still, awesome costume. 😈

    • And you wasted your time for you are mistaken… Notice the other “shadows” down by his smaller pair of arms that can’t really be shadows of anything… the D3 Diablo has several long spikes coming off his back… look at the Blizzcon key art and the leaked cinematic model of him… the costume maker did it right…

      • what leaked cinematic model???? and he can really poke an eagle’s eye out with those extensions!!!

  5. He should hop in that truck and drive around for a while.  Would definitely fire up the end-times crowd.

    • The blizzcon that happened weeks before he started on this costume? You, sir, are the idiot here…

  6. 2 weeks in the making?
    In that time, the most I can do is finish some concept scribbles of the costume. He must be a pro!

    God damn, can you imagine how awesome it would be to hit up kindergarten in that outfit?

  7. No offense to the creator of that costume, they did an awesome job.  For me, though, it only served to reinforce how non-scary and pseudo comedic the new Diablo design is, as well as Blizzard’s bizarre fetish for shoulder pauldrons that are unwieldy and useless.  Man what a shame, too.  I guess the Lord of Terror died in D2, and now all we’re left with is the Mistress of Shoulders…

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