Diablo Retrospective Video Packs Sexy Barb Artwork

Thanks to sgxsvi’s first forum post which pointed us to Blizzard’s newly-posted Diablo 15 year retrospective video (which is remixed a bit from a similar one they posted months ago as part of their 20th Anniversary stuff) features a new piece of female Barbarian artwork. And it’s sexy!

Well, maybe not. That’s a subjective judgment you’ll have to make for yourself. But it’s clearly more Red Sonja than Ingrid the Ham-Thighed, as some of you guys seemed to judge the earlier female Barbarian concept art.

Whatever you think of her design, you’ve got to like the Goatman trophies dangling from her massive polearm-axe thingie. (Even though it probably weighs more than she does.) The shot comes at the 3:34 mark in the video, which is also worth a view.

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  1. That chick is OBJECTIVELY sexy.

  2. Yeah, it looked hot until I saw the full version and her face.

  3. i declare it awesome…i hope it’ll be in the ce art book!

  4. That looks a whole lot sexier than in-game-Ingrid the Ham-Thighed, really can’t say it better.

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