Diablo Release: 9/9/09?

I hope this post was meant as a joke, but if so the humor is dryer than the outskirts of Caldeum. A site called Inventor’s Spot is declaring that on the magical date of 9/9/09, Apple will reveal some new iPod features and add some classic rock bands to iTunes, and that, in chronologically-related news, Diablo 3 will be released. Yes, that’s next… Wednesday? This must be Blizzard’s secret plan to get D3 into our hot little hands without treading on their “SC2/WoW:Cat in 2010” plan.

A somewhat more esoteric use of the 09-09-09 date (except for gamers) is the scheduled release of Diablo 3. Diablo is a dark fantasy-themed action role-playing game developed by Blizzard North and released by Blizzard Entertainment on November 30, 1996. An expansion pack, entitled Diablo Hellfire, was issued in 1997, followed up by its sequel, Diablo II in 2000.

With no formal press releases (just the graphic above) and many disputed online rumors among the gamer set, Diablo 3 is said to debut on 09-09-09, a date that when turned upside down refers to the number of the beast or Satan! (666)!  And since the story of Diablo is based on the war between Heaven and Hell, there may be some credence to this speculation.

Since it will take another 1000 years before we see 09/09/09 again, I suggest you take it in for all its worth. Who knows if you’ll live long enough to see the next one?

To “bolster” their argument they’ve embedded a semi-famous D3 rumor release date video that engages in some Nostradamus-quality prognostication. The best part; even the guy who made the video has gone back and changed the estimated date to 2010. An alteration which, of course, invalidates the nonsensical numerology that was used to create the 9/9/09 date in the first place. It’s all fairly silly, but hey, it could be good news for Bams, In the name of Zod, Nadnerb, or Valmy.  The date “prediction” video is below the fold, though if you watch it, I have one prediction that I can guarantee. That’s 4:49 of your life you’ll never get back.

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  1. Well, I ought to agree with Galtrovan.
    Although it may seem at first BoE is a good patch to end game items related issues, I do think it is far from a satisfying solution.

    BoE and BoP fit very well WoW playstyle, since monster drops are rolled from well known loot tables. That makes WoW players actually go out for specific monsters/quests/bosses/raids whenever they need an item for their specific build.

    This kind of approach I think doesn’t really suit Diablo style that much, it really seems to me more like a quick and dirty solution then anything else. No offense intended.
    Of course we don’t really know that much about D3, since Blizz only reveals tiny bits of info at a time.
    Yet I’m very confident smarter ways to keep the market away from being inflated over the years could easily be implemented, rather than simply making the better stuff BoE.

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