Big thanks to P0isonapple, TacticSiege, Elzevir, Fugu_ and Corni_ for the help with feed transcribing.

    [Fugu_]: Big focus is making a replayable RPG…
    [Wuushu[IncGamer]: Anyone who has a live working feed, MSG ME to get voice status so you can help out reporting
    [Fugu_]: Approachable gameplay, co-operative focus
    [p0isonapple]: Big focus is making it replayable, focusing on epic battles and co-operative focus
    [Fugu_]: Random dungeons, random environments. 
    [p0isonapple]: Fugu, you blog it and i’ll record it ok?

    [Fugu_]: THey’re showing off their randomization system.
    [Fugu_]: Okay.
    [Fugu_]: Big focus is higher difficulty levels a la Diablo 2.
    [Fugu_]: Random adventures, whole new feature.
    [Fugu_]: Allows them to place random scripted events almost anywhere.
    [Fugu_]: Said they’d cover it more later.
    [Fugu_]: TAlking about epic heroes (epic – adjective), making characters that the players want to be.
    [Fugu_]: Large-scale combat emphasis, making you feel powerful.
    [p0isonapple]: However not making you ridiculous.
    [Elzevir]: Large scale being tons of monsters on screen.
    [Fugu_]: Yeah, emphasis on the *feel* powerful, not necessarily be as powerful as you think you are
    [Fugu_]: If you can click a mouse, you can play Diablo
    [p0isonapple]: If you can click a mouse you can play Diablo
    [p0isonapple]: Haha
    [Fugu_]: Gameplay is still isometric.
    [Fugu_]: Focus on increasing the depth of the game.
    [Fugu_]: Smooth difficulty curve, like Diablo 2.
    [Fugu_]: “Will have some form of competitive play, just not talking about it yet”
    [Fugu_]: New battle.net
    [Fugu_]: Matchmaking, easier to find friends, quicker to operate.
    [p0isonapple]: All new features of battle.net seen in Starcraft 2 will hopefuly be implemented in Diablo 3.
    [Fugu_]: Game that focuses on co-op.
    [Elzevir]: Video demonstrating skills

    [Fugu_]: The video’s making some pretty greusome noises, the witch doctor is going loco.

    [Fugu_]: “Less spam and more death”
    [Fugu_]: Refering to the amount of skills you’d have to use.
    [Fugu_]: “Cooler monster design”
    [Corni_]: they want the playeer to us emore ksills
    [Fugu_]: They want to tone down the focus on potions.
    [Corni_]: no focus on f1-f12
    [Corni_]: easier system for swtiching to skills
    [Fugu_]: They don’t want it so that you can just ignore combat convention and just spam potions.
    [—kalmah has quit (Signed off)
    [Fugu_]: Left-right interface gone in place of a WoW-esque hotbar.
    [Fugu_]: In order to allow the player to use skills faster.
    [Wuushu[IncGamer]: You can access skill directly from the hotbar, instead of the Function bars. You can also scroll between skills with the mouse-wheel
    [Wuushu[IncGamer]: skills*
    [Wuushu[IncGamer]: function keys*
    [Fugu_]: Emphasis on making it so that you have to use more diverse skills to be able to get through the harder difficulties.
    [Fugu_]: Previously the reaction of the player when overwhelmed was simply to use a potion.
    [Fugu_]: Blizzard wants to make it so that the reaction in Diablo 3 is to use your skills.
    [Corni]: but easier start of getting into the game
    [Fugu_]: I’m still good.

    [Fugu_]: Which feed are you on?
    [TacticSiege]: “better gameplay, less carpral tunnel”

    [Fugu_]: “We really needed a new health system”
    [Corni]: 1k main
    [Fugu_]: They tried a halo-esque health system.
    [Wuushu[IncGamer]: New health system
    [Fugu_]: But they ditched it because they didn’t want players to leave combat.
    [TacticSiege]: dont want to slow down pace a la drinking in WoW
    [Fugu_]: Health system will complement fast-paced action game.
    [Fugu_]: Health globes are items that you can run over that will heal you like potions in Diablo 2 except you don’t have to pick them up.
    [Fugu_]: You merely run over them.
    [TacticSiege]: placement important in battle, health ‘globes’ encourage taking risks to survive
    [Fugu_]: When you pick up a health globe, anyone near you will also be healed.
    [Wuushu[IncGamer]: Co-op play is very integrated in the game
    [Fugu_]: Talkin’ about monsters now.
    [Fugu_]: Diablo 3 is filled with monsters who get crushed in large numbers.
    [Fugu_]: Wanted to create larger and more complex monsters.
    [Fugu_]: Beserker – swings a large mace that does a lot of damage, but if he misses he gets stuck in the ground.
    [Fugu_]: Skeletal shield barrier is slow but has a shield that blocks your shots
    [Fugu_]: Mine’s still fine, I’m watching the 400 though.

    [TacticSiege]: skeletal shield bearer (can be seen on diablo 3 site), can knock his shield off
    [Fugu_]: Monster groups will synergize with each other and will be compatible with each other, just like players.
    [p0isonapple]: Shield barrier absorbs HUGE amounts of damage, but when shieldless, isn’t tough.
    [Fugu_]: Really wanted to make a better story
    [Fugu_]: (talking about story now)
    [Fugu_]: They didn’t want the story to be on the off-hand like it is in WoW and such.
    [TacticSiege]: opt in approach, you dont need to pay attention to it, but you can
    [Fugu_]: Won’t subject those who aren’t interested in the story to it but want the story to be there for those who are.
    [Fugu_]: Will be integrated with quest design.
    [Fugu_]: NEw system called adventures.
    [Fugu_]: Expansion on the randomness from Diablo 2 – allows them to place scripted event anywhere.
    [Fugu_]: Such as an old abandoned house!
    [Fugu_]: Could come across a clearing where some guys are summoning demons.
    [Fugu_]: Basically spontaneous, randomized “quests”.
    [p0isonapple]: Wuushu, I have the entire thing in a Notepad Document to upload and email to you.
    [Fugu_]: New conversation system (NPCs).
    [Fugu_]: Characters actually talk as opposed to grunting occasionally.
    [TacticSiege]: panel tomorrow to go more in depth on character ‘voice’
    [Fugu_]: Two more panels tomorrow that will go in-depth with the environment and NPCs.
    [TacticSiege]: panel tomorrow to go more in depth on character ‘voice’
    [Fugu_]: Objective was to maintain feel of Diablo universe while bringing in deeper gameplay.
    [p0isonapple]: Remaining true to Diablo, creating a fantastic Action RPG game, bringing deeper gameplay.
    [Fugu_]: A lot of “really cool” features that they’ll be announcing in the coming months.
    [Fugu_]: It’s question time~
    [Wuushu[IncGamer]: P0isonapple, you have msg
    * Wuushu[IncGamer gives voice to Corni_
    [Fugu_]: So they’re getting Q + A ready.
    [Corni_]: soudn away
    [Corni_]: but video
    [Wuushu[IncGamer]: I got sound now
    [Fugu_]: Typical group size?
    [Fugu_]: “Can support a lot of players”
    [Fugu_]: CAN
    [Fugu_]: Smaller groups work better.
    [Corni_]: soudn back
    [Fugu_]: Haven’t decided a final number.
    [Corni_]: ~4-5
    [Fugu_]: Will probably focus on 4-5.
    [Wuushu[IncGamer]: They are not limited by the technical side
    [Corni_]: increased inv size?
    [Wuushu[IncGamer]: But from a gamplay POV, 4-5
    [Fugu_]: Are you going to increase the inventory size?
    [Corni_]: improvement to inv system
    [—Mah` ([email protected] s.quakenet.org) has left #Dii.net
    [Fugu_]: Will make a lot of improvements to the inventory stem.
    [Corni_]: easiert trade system
    [Fugu_]: “Will make it easier for you to trade between YOUR characters and other players”
    [Fugu_]: Inventory doesn’t work exactly the same as Diablo 2.
    [Fugu_]: It’s no longer a grid, each item occupies one space.
    [Fugu_]: Oh, this guy’s asking the tough questions.
    [p0isonapple]: Haha
    [Wuushu[IncGamer]: love the accent on this guy
    [Fugu_]: He’s asking who they’re trying to attract – Diablo 2 players, WoW players…
    [[SC]Freelancer]: Target audience
    [Fugu_]: “We want to make a game for Diablo players”
    [Fugu_]: Don’t worry about World of Warcraft players
    [Fugu_]: There will be plenty of room for both.
    [Fugu_]: He’s talking about classes.
    [Fugu_]: Will the seven classes be kept…?
    [Corni]: will the 7 classes be keptn when you added new?
    [Fugu_]: No plan to specifically carry them over.
    [Fugu_]: Final number has not been nailed – IE, classes not finalized.
    [Corni]: not exactly decided now
    [—moiselvus has quit (Read error: EOF from client)
    [Wuushu[IncGamer]: They are “sort of” doing a fresh start with the classes
    [Fugu_]: Not specifically trying to bring back the old classes.
    [p0isonapple]: Will certain classes be using different power mechanics.
    [Corni]: no specific plans now, but interested generally
    [Fugu_]: Question was actually about rage a la Warrior WoW, answer is inconclusive.
    [Fugu_]: Hardcore.
    [Corni]: THAT accent is cool 😀
    [Fugu_]: HAHAHA, your deeds will be remembered.
    [Corni]: sounds german
    [Fugu_]: Eastern european for sure.
    [Corni]: not actually decided
    [Fugu_]: Haven’t decided.
    [p0isonapple]: Haha poor guy.
    [Fugu_]: Don’t see why they wouldn’t.
    [Corni]: he don’t see why they wouldn’t support
    [Fugu_]: ^His words
    [Corni]: probably will
    [Fugu_]: His question’s about loot.
    [Corni]: and v+s lost

    [Fugu_]: Any new loot system?
    [Fugu_]: To ensure that loot is given evenly throughout the group
    [Fugu_]: “That really sucked”
    [p0isonapple]: How will loot be given evenly through the group compared to Diablo 2?
    [Fugu_]: Spent a lot of time thinking the loot system.
    [p0isonapple]: Loot is generated per character in the party.
    [Fugu_]: Each player will see loot generated for them as opposed to a collective system.
    [Fugu_]: So you won’t be able to steal other player’s loot because you won’t see it.
    [Fugu_]: Will you be able to respec?
    [Fugu_]: Not talking about skill systems yet.

    [p0isonapple]: Respec or change the skill tree, is it possible?
    [Fugu_]: He thinks it’s a bad idea not to allow someone to respec their character, no specifics.
    [p0isonapple]: No specifics at the time.
    [Fugu_]: They haven’t even announced they’re using a skill tree.
    [Fugu_]: Witch doctor = spiritual successor to the necromancer?
    [Fugu_]: …No
    [—maltize has quit (Read error: EOF from client)
    [Fugu_]: Thought about improving Necromancer, really cool class.
    [Fugu_]: Witch Doctor would not prohibit making a necromancer.
    [Fugu_]: How does the gear system differ from Diablo 2
    [Fugu_]: A whole bunch of new features!
    [p0isonapple]: Whole bunch of new features for items
    [Fugu_]: Core system is not drastically changed.

    [Fugu_]: One of the best things about Diablo 2 was how they handled items.
    [Corni]: back on 1k stream
    [Fugu_]: I’m on the 400 still, no problems thus far.
    [Wuushu[IncGamer]: great
    [Fugu_]: Features are not finalized regarding items.
    [Corni]: overpowered bnet. what do you to prevent that?
    [Corni]: cheats
    [Corni]: no specifics
    [Fugu_]: Yours is ahead of mine, it seems.
    [p0isonapple]: How will you combat cheaters and over powered people on b.net?
    [Corni]: huge focus on, they want to prevent it
    [Fugu_]: NEw version of battle.net will be effective at stopping cheats.
    [Corni]: same as for d2 😀
    [Fugu_]: One of their biggest focuses.
    [p0isonapple]: New b.net has a huge focus on stopping cheaters.
    [Fugu_]: Cow Level
    [Corni]: or have secrets in?
    [p0isonapple]: Oh, my bad.
    [Corni]: yes, super secret stuff, that’s a secret 😀
    [p0isonapple]: Perhaps secret penguin level
    [Fugu_]: (THat was the quesiton asking guy, by the way – [09:24] [Fugu_]: Hahahahahaha.)
    [Corni]: sp and mp are balanved??
    [Fugu_]: Oh wow, didn’t even think of that.

    [Fugu_]: Some things can only be tackled in a large group
    [Fugu_]: CAn everything be taclked by a single person”?
    [Corni]: not planned
    [Corni]: french
    [Fugu_]: Game experience will be different for large players but anything a group can do one can do as well.
    [Fugu_]: Wants to know what has been going on since Lord of Destruction that there’s been no news.
    [Fugu_]: “We’ve been working”
    [p0isonapple]: Why was the gap so long between Lord of Destruction and Diablo 3.
    [Fugu_]: WAnted to establish a game that they would think was worthy for the fans, this is how long it took them to be ready.
    [Fugu_]: Will gender selection influence character attributes?
    [Fugu_]: No.
    [p0isonapple]: No differences between genders apart from visual appearance.
    [Corni]: can system which runs wow run d3?
    [Corni]: use of dx10?
    [Corni]: supoort of very (broad) systems
    [Fugu_]: Hasn’t settled on system specs yet.
    [Corni]: they want low sysreqs
    [Corni]: no hiendgames
    [Corni]: NO DX10!!!!
    [Fugu_]: Not a super high end game.
    [Corni]: french
    [Fugu_]: Corni…
    [Fugu_]: He said they wouldn’t require it
    [p0isonapple]: Doesn’t require DirectX10, nothing about support for it however.
    [p0isonapple]: Do you plan on creating a d3 map editor?
    [p0isonapple]: No nailed specifics about it as yet.
    [Corni]: not modfriendable
    [Fugu_]: No nailed specifics about mod development.
    [Fugu_]: But that’s not true, Diablo 2 is very mod friendly…
    [Corni]: no big focus for them but not decided yet
    [p0isonapple]: Because of how random the game is, its hard to get user made content in.
    [Corni]: in d2 were rw’s will you keep them?
    [Corni]: no coment 😀
    [Fugu_]: Hmmmmm…
    [p0isonapple]: Will their be runewords in Diablo 3 like in Diablo 2?
    [Fugu_]: No comment.
    [Corni]: and closed


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