Diablo Podcast #219 – BlizzCon 2016 Special

Diablo podcastFlux is joined by Nerdwards live from BlizzCon in this Diablo podcast BlizzCon 2016 special to discuss all the Diablo news from the show.

The guys discuss “Tracer” pants for guys and girls, cosplay, the announcements from the opening ceremony, the Diablo 3 announcements, Necromancer impressions, The Darkening of Tristram, the future of Diablo and more.

Listen via MP3…


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  1. You guys are one of the best parts of this Diablo fansite 🙂 – love the jokes.

    • Forgot to mention it on this live recording, but N3rdwards said he was in line for the d3 demo earlier that day, and other people in line were laughing about how the D3 Podcast had been so wrong predicting nothing new in D3 this year. So of course N3rdward identified himself and there was mutual fan geeking for a few minutes.

      We’re planning to record a proper show next weekendish, with flashback and reflection on the show and the news, etc.

  2. Thanks for making it!

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