Diablo Podcast – Blizzcon 2014 Special – Day One

Diablo Podcast – Blizzcon 2014 Special – Day One

Flux and N3rdwards have dragged themselves away from the demo machines for a quick half hour chat about their experiences with the Diablo 3 demo showcasing the new stuff therein. They’ve positioned themselves in a corridor that seems to be a main hallway used by the cosplay entrants, no doubt enjoying the steady stream of Night Elves parading back and forth. It’s a dirty job……

Rough topic times:

  • 1-19m. All six classes discussed in the play demo and related gear issues.
  • 20:00 — Ancient Items.
  • 30:00 — Other Bliz stuff at the show this year.
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    5 thoughts on “Diablo Podcast – Blizzcon 2014 Special – Day One

    1. I don't think Cindercoat in the demo had +fire damage? And when I was at the booth I saw an 80 year old lady play D3 (she was really sweet) and a mum with her 8 year old kid. For both the difficulty was just fine. I am pretty sure they don't balance the demo at BlizzCon for people like us.

    2. Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to put up some podcasts during the event, and for the all the other constant updates.

    3. why is this podcast NOT POSTED in iTunes so that those of use who listen on their phones can DL it?!?!?!?!

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